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7 Tips for Taking Baby to Tanning Salon

    Taking Baby to Tanning Salon Tips

    Free time often seems like a thing of the past for new parents. With the sleepless nights and endless days that new parenthood brings, it is quite a challenge for parents to find some time to spend on themselves. That is, unless they make the time.

    If you’ve been too busy to get a tan since the baby’s birth, you may fear that you’ll have to wait until they grow up to return. Thankfully, with a lot of planning and patience, you’ll be able to book an appointment and get a tan sooner than you thought. Read on for the best tips on taking your baby to a tanning salon.

    1. Search for Child-Friendly Salons

    When taking baby to tanning salon, parents must first consider the danger of the tanning process. Tanning involves many chemicals and UV rays that are harmful to the baby. Parents that are taking their baby to a tanning salon need to find a child-friendly salon that takes precautions to protect children.

    Child-friendly salons, though they may be few and far between, do exist. These types of salons have childcare areas that are far away from the tanning bed areas.

    Moreover, salons that are built with parents and their children in mind to their best to only use techniques and products that are child-friendly. While tanning itself should never be used on children or in the same room as children, these child-friendly salons make taking baby to tanning salon a possibility.

    2. Understand the Warnings

    When taking your baby to a tanning salon, there are several things to consider. Firstly, the tanning process itself can be dangerous. Children should be kept in a separate room away from the tanning equipment or materials used for tanning. If you hope to bring your baby along on a trip to the tanning salon, you will need to make arrangements for them to spend the length of your appointment outside of the tanning room.

    For many tanning moms or dads, this means bringing along your partner, a friend, or family member to watch the child while you are in the appointment. In the situation that the tanning salon does offer an area for children to wait, you must be sure that the salon staff will properly look after your baby and that they have the qualifications to do so. As many tanning salons only have waiting rooms with no supervision, the average salon isn’t the ideal place to bring your baby.

    3. Choose Organic Tanning Salons

    Parents that love to tan but are worried about the potential side effects when taking baby to tanning salon should be sure to choose organic salons. These types of salons trade the harmful UV rays for a 100% organic spray tan. With no UV rays involved, spray tanning is much safer for parents and children than conventional methods.

    This type of tanning is sunless and uses all-natural ingredients. Choosing tanning options like these will help to keep your child safe when taking baby to tanning salon.

    4. Call Ahead to Ask Questions

    Whether you choose to visit a tanning salon that uses traditional tanning services or one that offers spray tans, it’s important to call ahead of time to ask about taking baby to tanning salon. After compiling a list of salons, call them to determine the toxicity of their equipment. For example, if you know a salon uses UV rays, be sure to ask if there is a separate area that is UV-free for children.

    When making your initial calls consider asking the following questions as well:

    • Is the salon stroller-friendly?
    • Is it okay to bring a baby?
    • What safety precautions does the salon take?
    • What information should parents have ahead of time?

    These types of questions help you make the right choice when taking baby to tanning salon.

    5. Book An Appointment Around Naptime

    Once you’ve settled on a tanning salon that provides childcare services, it’s a good idea to make an appointment around your child’s naptime. This will make the process of taking baby to tanning salon easier as your child will probably spend most of your appointment napping.

    6. Bring Baby’s Essentials

    When taking baby to tanning salon, don’t forget the essentials. Bring a bag filled with clothing, toys, food, and anything else you’ll need to make taking off in a split-second (if need be) that much easier.

    7. Ask a Child-Friendly Friend to Come

    Asking a friend to tag along to the tanning salon with you is a great way to make a play-date out of your tanning appointment. When taking baby to tanning salon with a child-friendly friend, you’ll be able to guarantee that your child will be well cared for and will have someone you trust to watch and entertain them as you make your appointment.

    Some parents make a day of it and bring each of their kids along. While one person gets a tan, the other watches the kids and vice versa.

    Safety at Tanning Salons

    When choosing to use a tanning salon, parents should exercise caution. While it is a popular treatment many men and women use on a regular basis, it’s important to focus on following certain safety considerations to make sure you don’t put your health at risk when going into the tanning bed.

    Keep the following considerations in mind when booking your next tanning appointment:

    Safety of Tanning Beds

    Every salon has their own preference for tanning beds. It’s important to research the quality of beds that your tanning salon uses before taking baby to tanning salon. During your research on these beds, be sure to analyze whether or not they meet your expectations.

    Salon Bed Maintenance

    Just as every salon is different when it comes to the types of beds used, each salon has different standards concerning the maintenance of their tanning beds. Before taking baby to tanning salon, try to visit the facility to see how the staff maintains their tanning beds.

    Type of Tanning Lotions

    Tanning lotions help to determine the percentage of UVA and UVB rays that will reach your skin. The tanning lotions that tanning salons use are specifically designed for tanning beds and are meant to protect the skin while leaving it with a healthy glow.

    Be sure to include tanning lotion in your research when calling around to find the best tanning salon to visit. As every salon will have their own choice of products, you should be sure to analyze the content of these products before taking baby to tanning salon.


    As tanning can be dangerous if the skin is exposed for a long period of time, appointments are typically a maximum of 20 minutes within a 24 hour period. Whenever you book your tanning appointments, be sure to never exceed the maximum time to guarantee that your skin will be safe.


    Tanning is one self-care activity that most parents have difficulty trying to fit into their new life with their baby. While taking baby to tanning salon may seem like a challenge, with these strategies and several precautions, any parent will be able to go to their upcoming appointment with their child in tow. Use these tips to make sure that both you and baby are well cared for on your upcoming outing.

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