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Taking Your Baby to a Ski Resort: A Guide for Parents

If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, the arrival of a new baby doesn’t mean you have to hang up your skis for the season. In fact, many ski resorts offer facilities and services that cater specifically to families with young children. However, if you’re planning on taking your baby to a ski resort, there are a few things you should know to ensure everyone stays safe and enjoys the experience. This blog post will guide you through the process, covering everything from picking the right resort to keeping your little one comfortable in the cold.

Choosing a Family-Friendly Ski Resort

When planning a trip to a ski resort with your baby, start by finding a family-friendly destination. Look for resorts with amenities like:

  1. On-site childcare facilities
  2. Family accommodations with kitchen facilities
  3. Easy access to medical facilities
  4. Beginner ski slopes and ski schools
  5. Non-ski activities for family members

Research online or call the resort to ask about their services for families with babies and young children.

Preparing for the Cold

Babies are more vulnerable to cold than adults, so it’s crucial to dress your baby appropriately for the cold weather. Layered clothing, a warm hat that covers the ears, mittens, and a good-quality snowsuit are essential. Don’t forget sunscreen and eye protection, as the sun can be intense on the slopes.

Managing Baby’s Schedule

Remember, a ski trip should fit around your baby’s schedule, not the other way around. Be prepared to take breaks for feeding and changing, and keep an eye on your baby for signs of tiredness. A well-rested baby will be much happier and easier to manage than an overtired one.

Making the Most of Your Ski Trip

Even with a baby in tow, you can still enjoy your time on the slopes. Consider taking turns skiing with your partner while the other stays with the baby, or use the on-site childcare facilities if they’re available.

When to Take Your Baby to the Mountains

How Early Can You Take a Baby Skiing?

It’s crucial to remember that each child develops at a different pace. While some parents might find their toddler ready for their first ski adventure at two years old, others may need to wait until the child is three or four.

At What Age is it Safe to Take My Baby to the Mountains or a Ski Resort?

Typically, it is safe to bring a baby to the mountains once they are at least six months old, when their ability to regulate body temperature is more developed. However, it’s crucial to keep altitude considerations in mind.

What Altitude is Safe for a Baby?

Most healthy babies can tolerate altitudes of up to 8,000 feet (2,438 meters) without issue. However, it’s always a good idea to consult with your pediatrician before traveling to high-altitude destinations.

Dressing Your Baby for a Ski Resort

What Should a Baby Wear in a Ski Resort?

Layering is key when dressing your baby for a ski resort. Start with a thermal base layer, add a warm mid-layer (like a fleece), and finish with a waterproof and windproof outer layer. Remember mittens, hats, and warm, waterproof boots.

How Many Layers Should a Baby Wear?

The number of layers depends on the weather. A general rule of thumb is to dress your baby in one more layer than an adult would wear in the same conditions.

Can a Baby Safely Sleep in a Snowsuit?

Babies should not sleep in snowsuits due to the risk of overheating. For sleeping, opt for warm sleepwear and adjust room temperature to a safe and comfortable level.

Navigating Skiing with Your Baby

Can You Ski with a Baby or Toddler on Your Back?

While it may be tempting to hit the slopes with your baby in a carrier, this is generally considered unsafe. An unexpected fall could lead to serious injury. Stick to gentler activities like cross-country skiing or snowshoeing when you have your baby with you.

Can a Toddler Ride on a Ski Lift?

Most ski resorts allow children to ride ski lifts, but usually with an accompanying adult. The child should be old enough to sit still and understand basic safety instructions.

Preventing Altitude Sickness in Children

Altitude sickness can occur in children and adults alike. It’s essential to ascend slowly, stay hydrated, and take breaks to acclimate. If you notice symptoms like dizziness, headache, or nausea in your child, descend immediately and consult a healthcare professional.

Top Baby-Friendly Locations at Ski Resorts

To make the most of your ski resort visit, here are some baby-friendly locations to consider:

  1. The Snow Bunny Slopes: These gentle slopes are perfect for toddlers experiencing their first brush with snow.
  2. Indoor Play Areas: Most ski resorts have dedicated spaces for little ones. These areas are warm, safe, and packed with fun activities.
  3. Family-friendly Cafés: Look for cafés with high chairs, changing facilities, and a good kids’ menu.
  4. Ski School: Some resorts offer ski lessons for young children, often starting from the age of 3.
  5. Nature Trails: Enjoy a gentle hike on lower altitude trails. Baby carriers designed for hiking can make this a fun experience for even the smallest family members.

Parent Testimonials

Quote from Sarah, Michigan: “Our trip to Aspen with our 8-month-old was unforgettable. I was nervous about the altitude, but taking things slow and staying hydrated really made a difference. The staff at the resort were so understanding and the baby play area was a lifesaver!”

Quote from Mark, Utah: “Taking our toddler to Snowbird Ski Resort was a blast! We dressed him in layers and he loved seeing the snow. The beginner’s slope was perfect for his first skiing experience. Can’t wait to make this a family tradition.”

Quote from Maria, Colorado: “The key to our successful ski trip with our baby was preparation. We invested in good quality cold-weather gear, prepared for the altitude change, and planned our days around her nap times. Having a cabin close to the main ski area also helped for quick breaks and down-time.”

How Can Help

Traveling with a baby can disrupt their sleep schedule, but maintaining good sleep habits is key to keeping your baby happy and healthy during your ski trip. offers a wealth of resources to help you manage your baby’s sleep. Whether you’re dealing with a time zone change, adjusting to new surroundings, or trying to get your baby to nap in a noisy ski lodge, has tips and advice that can help. Check out our articles, guides, and professional consultations to make your family ski trip a success.

Remember, a family ski trip is a wonderful opportunity to create lasting memories. With careful planning and a little flexibility, you and your baby can have a safe and enjoyable time at the ski resort.