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8 Tips for Taking Your Baby to the Nail Salon

Can I Take My Baby to the Nail Salon?

Taking baby to nail salon is a great way for mothers to get over the blues. Having a baby can take a serious toll on your physical and emotional health. Women naturally feel self-conscious about their image. Stretch marks, weight gain, and incontinence can all take a toll on how well a woman feels about herself after a baby or two. By having your nails and hair done, you can regain self-confidence and beat those baby blues. Let’s look at some tips on taking baby to nail salon below.

#1: Assess Your Postpartum Depression Level

Postpartum depression cases can linger on inexplicably, well past the first week or two of baby blues. Although you may not have full-blown postpartum depression, anyone can feel burnt out with being a baby’s mama full time. Nevertheless, postpartum depression is very common and should not be ignored or taken lightly.

Common Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

  • Depression
  • Severe mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Hopelessness
  • Restlessness
  • Crying excessively
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability or anger
  • Thoughts of harming yourself or baby
  • Suicidal thinking
  • Sense of failing at motherhood

If you are feeling any of these symptoms, taking baby to nail salon may be the first step in psychological recovery. It is important to see how easy it is to bounce back physically after giving birth. People may feel the same sense of shame and regret after having plastic surgery until they see the final results and the scars heal.

#2: Make it a Day

Instead of just throwing any old onesie jumper on your baby and rolling out the door in a sweatsuit, you should make a day of it. Dress up yourself and baby in some nice clothes that are suitable for a day on the town. If you are going to spend money on the little things that accent your beauty, be sure to include everything else for the entourage effect.

Do your makeup if they don’t do it at the salon. And make sure that your baby is in the mood for romping the town. If it is one of those whiny days, you may want to reschedule your day trip for a better mood. Babies can get whiny from diet and stress. A warm bath, a relaxing massage, soothing ambient music, or even a breastfeeding session can all placate the distress that babies feel.

#3: Don’t Wait in the Salon

Instead of sitting around in the salon, it is better to make the most of your time together. This is the perfect time to take your baby shopping for some new clothes. Babies grow up so fast that you might blink and find that they are suddenly too big for an outfit.

Buying outfits that are slightly oversized and using belts and other tricks to snug them up is a better strategy. And you should also look for sales. You are not the only one who thinks that baby clothes are overpriced for their ephemeral value.

You will find a lot of designer clothes that look way too cute on your baby to pass up. Soft velvet pants, sassy embroidered shirts, and other outfits can make them look and feel special. And taking baby to nail salon is a good reason to tell your living partner or parents why you splurged without feeling guilty.

Taking baby to nail salon doesn’t have to be a single stop destination. There are usually many other stores for shopping in the mall or strip mall where the nail salons are often located. Many of these stores are restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat and see if baby wants a little.

You can have the salon message you about five or ten minutes before they are ready. This will eliminate the boredom for your baby that inherently comes with sitting in a nail salon for an hour or more. Hopefully, you have an appointment because the best nail salons are usually booked up and even backed up on bookings that arrive.

#4: Pack Light

You don’t need to pack a lot of supplies when you head to the nail salon. You can find just about anything that your baby needs in a pinch at the pharmacies that are generally located nearby. A diaper bag, bottles, pacifier, and formula are about all that you’ll need. A baby stroller is exactly what mall-shopping moms prefer.

#5: Choose the Best Nail Salon

When taking baby to the nail salon, you may want to do your homework before you decide on one. Some nail salons offer additional services that go far beyond prepping nails. They may have a hairstylist to dye, cut, and curl hair or other services, such as massage, aromatherapy, clay masks, facials, acupuncture, and other treatments.

But babies should not be exposed to aromatherapy because it could be toxic to them at a young age. You should also avoid aromatherapy if you are pregnant. Nevertheless, you may decide to go to a spa that also does pedicures and manicures instead of a local dedicated nail salon.

Because this is more about enjoying yourself and getting prettied up, you should splurge. Dealing with the baby blues or postpartum depression by treating yourself with some kindness is a whole lot cheaper than psychologist and doctor bills.

#6: Take Plenty of Photos

When you take baby to the nail salon, you can have a lot of fun with the event. Take lots of before-and-after photos of mom and baby both getting makeovers. Although this works better with a mom and daughter day, you can also buy your baby boy a nice outfit and get him a haircut if he has any.

Taking photos of the event will help others to live vicariously through your experiences. You can post them on your social media and draw a lot of attention to your special day of taking baby to the nail salon.

#7: Dealing with Other Children

Taking yourself out for a special treat can get expensive when you have multiple children. If they all want their nails done or new clothes, you may find yourself feeling a little guilty for spending all that money on a cheer-up day. In addition, if everyone has to eat out, that can hurt your pocketbook as well.

For the frugal mom, you want to avoid those temptations by making this baby’s day. Let everyone know that you are taking baby to nail salon and rely on a babysitter to coddle the rest of the kids. Taking baby to nail salon is a whole lot cheaper than taking the whole family out to those tourist traps.

Remind your children that they all have their birthdays for special events and that this is a treat for you. It is easy for older children to get jealous of the newcomer to the family. When they were the youngest, they may have been the focus of attention.

Making them a meal that they like, such as macaroni and cheese or pizza, and leaving them with a babysitter can make it fun enough for them to stay at home without whining. And if you bring back a little something, that may be enough because it is the thought that counts.

#8: Bring a Friend

If you are taking baby to nail salon, you don’t want your baby sitting there feeling lonesome. You can’t impose daycare duties on the staff members either. In order to ensure that your baby is well cared for, you should bring a friend with you to take over care when you are having your treatments done.

Taking baby to the salon for treatments is a lot easier if you have someone to hold her. She can get her nails done and maybe some styling. Whatever the spa or salon has to offer your baby, you should always ask for a half-pint discount.

Taking baby to nail salon is something that you can do every month if you wind up enjoying the experience. This can start mother-daughter bonding very early in life and ensure that your baby feels special and pampered from a young age. This will boost her self-esteem later on in life.


Taking baby to nail salon is a great little pick-me-up that you can catalog with photos. You should set a goal to work on recovering your former figure by trying to improve your appearance in each photoshoot. And you can look forward to taking baby to nail salon to catalog their rapid growth and changes as well.

Milestones of encouragement in the quest to regain your pre-pregnancy splendor will help you to regain your self-confidence and to feel young again. The hormonal changes that follow after a woman bears children are scientifically associated with aging. If you take steps to reverse the clock and use taking baby to nail salon as a motivational tool, you can combat the effects of aging.

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