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10 Tips for Taking Baby to Mexico


Taking Baby to Mexico Tips

Mexico is a beautiful and culturally rich country with plenty of things to do for the whole family. However, it can be a bit difficult taking baby to Mexico. Babies can be difficult to travel with, they require a lot of attention from you, you need to pack a lot of items, and babies can be unpredictable. However, you don’t want to miss out on everything Mexico has to offer. Instead, here on some tips on taking baby to Mexico that will make the trip as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

1. Talk to a Doctor Before Your Trip

Before taking baby to Mexico, you want to talk to your doctor. First, you want your doctor to do a checkup and ensure that your baby is healthy enough to travel. You may discover that your child has a condition that might prevent them from making the trip. You don’t want to risk putting your baby in danger unknowingly, so get your baby checked.
You should also talk to your doctor about any special precautions you should take about traveling to Mexico. The baby might benefit from some additional vaccinations or some special medicine in your first aid kit- just in case.

2. Use Sunscreen and More Sunscreen

Every baby’s skin is especially sensitive. Something well-known about Mexico is that it is especially sunny. Protect your baby to the best of your ability with extra strong sunscreen specifically made for babies. Despite how strong the sunscreen is, it’s important to remember to reapply the sunscreen every couple of hours. Sunscreen loses effectiveness with time, and your baby may turn red before you know it. If you thought a baby was difficult without sunburn, you haven’t dealt with anything yet.
Bring other ways to protect your baby from the sun, too. This includes a large umbrella, tent, and a hat for starters.
You may want to limit the time you keep the baby outside during your Mexico trip. This means planning for babysitters for other children if they want to take long, outdoor day trips on the vacation.

3. Buy Plenty of Water

Your child deserves clean water. Unfortunately, some places in Mexico don’t offer the safest drinking water. You need to be prepared for making bottles with your own clean, bottled water when taking your baby to Mexico. You can buy bottled water in the country, but you’ll need your own for the plan ride and the travel to the hotel and until you can get to the store.

4. Be Careful While Playing

Whether you’re in the shallow end of the pool or the shallow end of the beach when taking your baby to Mexico, you need to keep a close eye on your baby around water. Many babies struggle to sit up on their own perfectly. Even a child who is waling already could run into an accident and find themselves face-first in water. Do not leave your child unattended for absolutely any reason when taking your baby to Mexico, no matter how shallow the water is.

5. Stay on Resorts with the Baby

Mexico is a relatively safe country, especially in most tourist locations. However, you don’t want to take any chances when taking your baby to Mexico. The country is not quite as safe as home, and you don’t want to be lulled into a false sense of security while taking your baby to Mexico. You want to stay at the resort and limit the amount of time you spend in the local neighborhoods. You don’t know who you might come across. Having a baby can make you especially vulnerable.
It’s also not a great idea to hire a babysitter while in Mexico. If you need a babysitter, you should coordinate that within your own group with people you know. As kind as someone might seem, you don’t want to be too trusting and end up regretting it.

6. Give Yourself Time to Enjoy the Vacation

You can’t go all the way to Mexico and not enjoy yourself in the least. Be sure to schedule some time for just you and your loved ones without the children. This may mean bringing a babysitter with you or taking turns. However, you deserve to have a bit of a vacation for yourself, too.
Many moms want to stay with their baby as much as possible. As most moms will tell you, this feeling will fade. Give yourself at least a couple of hours away.

7. Don’t Assume Certain Accommodations

There’s nothing worse than going to care for your child and not having the basic amenities necessary, such as a fridge, a car seat, or a crib. Double-check with the airline, car rental company, and the hotel to ensure that you will have everything you need to care for your child during your trip. If you make sure you have everything you need, you won’t have to scramble to buy things at the last minute, and you will be a lot more comfortable.

8. Have Entertainment Ready

Travel can be frustrating for adults. It can be even more frustrating and boring for a young baby who doesn’t understand what is happening. This may cause the baby to get fussy. When taking your baby to Mexico, plan to have plenty of toys and other fun things ready to keep them entertained. While this may mean packing more stuff than you anticipated, you will be thankful when you’re able to keep your child busy. The people next to you on the plane will appreciate it, too.

9. Bring Plenty of Sanitizer

There are a lot of things for your baby to get into while at a hotel or while at the beach. They can pick up a lot of germs and bacteria in these places. You want them to enjoy themselves, but you also want them to be clean. Bring plenty of hand sanitizer everywhere you go, and be sure to apply it liberally after they play. Be careful not to use a sanitizer that will cancel the effects of sunscreen or anything else you put on your baby.

10. Take Plenty of Pictures

Taking your baby to Mexico may become their first memory. They may remember the sunsets, the smell of the ocean air, and the pretty sites before they even understand what memory is. Help them remember the vacation by taking plenty of pictures. Mexico is a picturesque country, so you’ll find plenty of photo ops on your journey. Save the pictures online, but be sure to develop plenty of pictures, too. You may even want to make a scrapbook of your adventure.


Taking a baby to Mexico is a great experience for them. There are a lot of new sights, sounds, and smells to stimulate them while on your trip. These things can help your baby develop and grow. However, taking a baby to Mexico can also be stressful. Be ready for anything that can come your way and make sure you have help. You don’t want to ruin the trip for yourself by not being prepared.

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