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Taking Your Baby to the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground): A Handy Guide

Introducing your baby to the world of sports at a young age can be an exciting endeavor. If you’re a fan of cricket and plan to take your baby to the MCG, we have compiled this guide to help you navigate through the day with ease.

Understanding the MCG Environment

What to Expect at the MCG?

The Melbourne Cricket Ground, popularly known as the MCG, is one of the most iconic sports venues in Australia. However, the large crowds, loud noise, and outdoor weather conditions can be overwhelming for a baby.

Preparing Your Baby for the MCG

What Should I Pack for My Baby?

Essentials such as diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, baby food, and a sunhat are necessary. A good noise-cancelling baby headphone can also be very useful to protect your baby’s ears from the loud crowd.

Facilities for Babies at the MCG

Are There Baby Changing Facilities at the MCG?

Yes, the MCG is equipped with baby changing facilities. The location of these can be found on the MCG’s official website or by asking MCG staff.

Preparing for Your Visit to the MCG

What Items are Prohibited at the MCG?

For security reasons, there are certain items you cannot bring into the MCG. This includes any object that could be used as a weapon and containers that are not sealed or clear.

Can You Bring Your Own Food and Water to the MCG?

Yes, you’re allowed to bring your own food and water, which is especially helpful when catering to a baby’s needs.

Is the MCG Cashless?

The MCG has gone cashless in all its transactions, so be sure to carry cards for any purchases.

Navigating the MCG with a Baby

Are Strollers Allowed at the MCG?

Yes, strollers are allowed, but they must be collapsible and fit under your seat. This is important to keep walkways clear for other patrons.

Are There Baby-Friendly Facilities at the MCG?

The MCG has facilities like baby changing rooms to help parents attend to their babies’ needs.’s Advice for Taking Your Baby to the MCG

Maintaining Your Baby’s Routine

Despite the excitement of the outing, it’s important to maintain your baby’s sleep routine. can offer advice on how to help your baby nap amidst the excitement of the MCG.

Important MCG Information for Your Visit

When Should You Arrive at the MCG?

Arriving early is recommended to get the best seats and settle in comfortably, especially when bringing a baby.

What About Parking and Seating at the MCG?

MCG provides parking, though it can fill up fast on match days. You can view the MCG seating map online to familiarize yourself with the layout.

What Parents Are Saying: Bringing Baby to the MCG

“Taking our little one to the MCG for the first time was quite an experience. We arrived early to get a good spot, and made sure we had plenty of snacks and water for her. She loved the atmosphere and even managed to get a nap in! It’s definitely doable with some planning.” – Rebecca, mum of 1-year-old

“I was nervous about bringing my twins to the MCG, but it turned out great. The baby changing facilities were clean and easily accessible, which was a lifesaver. We used our compact double stroller, and it was easier than I expected. Would absolutely recommend for other parents.” – Matthew, dad of 2-year-old twins

“Our family are big cricket fans, so taking our baby to the MCG was a must! We found the staff to be helpful, and there was plenty of space for our stroller. Just remember, it’s a cashless venue, so bring your cards!” – Jessica, mum of 6-month-old

Sleep and the MCG: How Can Help

Managing Your Baby’s Sleep at the MCG

An outing to the MCG could disrupt your baby’s sleep schedule. offers expert advice and tips on managing your baby’s sleep and maintaining routine even during outings. A well-rested baby will be happier and more comfortable, enhancing the experience for both of you.


Taking your baby to the MCG can be a memorable experience with the right preparation. Remember to pack all baby essentials, be aware of the available facilities, and manage your baby’s sleep schedule with help from Enjoy the game and the unique atmosphere that only the MCG can provide.

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