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Taking Your Baby to Lapland: A Memorable Adventure

Traveling with a baby is an adventure, but taking your baby to Lapland opens up an entirely new level of wonderment. From meeting Santa Claus to experiencing a reindeer ride, Lapland has an array of unique and exciting activities to offer.

This post aims to answer your questions about this journey and give you the confidence to embark on this exciting adventure.

Is Lapland Baby-Friendly?

Yes, Lapland is quite accommodating for families with babies. With well-equipped accommodations, family-friendly activities, and services catering to infants, it is an excellent destination for a family vacation. However, it is crucial to keep the cold weather in mind and make necessary arrangements to keep your baby warm and comfortable.

When is the Best Time to Visit Lapland with a Baby?

The best time to visit Lapland with a baby can depend on what you want to experience. The winter months, particularly December, are magical with snow-covered landscapes and Northern Lights. However, the temperatures are low, so if your baby doesn’t cope well with cold, spring or summer could be a better choice, with milder weather and endless daylight.

What Should I Pack for My Baby for a Trip to Lapland?

Packing the right gear for your baby is essential to ensure their comfort. Make sure to pack warm clothing, including thermal layers, waterproof outer layers, hats, mittens, and snow boots. A comfortable stroller with good insulation and a warm sleeping bag can also make a big difference.

What Activities Can I Do with My Baby in Lapland?

Despite the cold, there are many baby-friendly activities in Lapland. For example, you can:

– Visit Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi
– Take a family-friendly reindeer sleigh ride
– Enjoy the stunning Northern Lights from the comfort of your accommodation
– Explore snow-covered forests on a guided tour

Remember to plan activities according to your baby’s schedule and don’t overdo it. After all, you want this trip to be a delightful memory, not a stressful one.

Can I Use a Stroller in Lapland?

Yes, you can use a stroller in Lapland. In fact, a well-insulated stroller can be a warm and comfortable place for your baby during your excursions. Just remember to choose a sturdy model designed for cold weather and snowy conditions.

Taking your baby to Lapland can be an unforgettable experience for your entire family. With the right planning and preparation, you can enjoy the magic of this winter wonderland together.

What Other Parents Say:

Emma, Boston

“Taking my little man to Lapland was a mix of excitement and trepidation. I was scared that the intense cold would be too much, but the special baby bunting suits we got from Rovaniemi really did the trick. We made sure we limited our time in the outdoor at the Santa Claus Village and warmed up with hot cocoa at Santa’s Main Post Office, an experience he won’t remember but that we captured beautifully in photos. Be ready for the unexpected – we had to retreat to our cozy cottage at the Arctic Circle when a snowstorm hit!”

Mark, London

“Lapland, ah, the memories! The endless daylight in summer can mess with your baby’s sleep schedule, no joke. Thankfully, the folks at our accommodation in Levi were brilliant and recommended some excellent blackout curtains. The reindeer ride was a hit with our little one, but she was not a fan of the mosquitoes during the Midsummer period. I guess you can’t win them all.”

Laura, Sydney

“You’d think taking a toddler to Lapland would be a nightmare. The idea of her not liking the husky sled ride at Saariselkä worried me sick. But you know what? She loved it. She giggled all the way, fascinated by the dogs’ energy. However, the flight home was a different story – delayed due to bad weather, leading to a very grumpy toddler. So, despite the magical memories, travel disruptions were a bit of a dampener!”

Carlos, New York

“The trip to Lapland with our 6-month-old was unforgettable, to say the least. My wife and I were nervous about the baby’s reaction to Santa at the Santa Park, and sadly, she did burst into tears. Even the enchanting elves couldn’t make her smile. It was also tougher to capture the magical Northern Lights than I thought with an unsettled baby. The beauty of it all? Those moments were real, genuine, and yes, sometimes tough, but that’s family life for you, even in a place as magical as Lapland.”

Anika, Berlin

“Our trip to Ylläs was a mixed bag. We found a beautiful, baby-friendly trail in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, and our little one was captivated by the whispering trees and pure, crisp air. On the other hand, we had to cancel our snowmobile tour because we couldn’t find a reliable babysitting service. Sometimes, you just have to accept that not everything goes according to plan. But the heartwarming memories far outweigh the minor hiccups!”

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