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9 Tips for Taking Baby to Kohl’s


Taking Baby to Kohl’s Tips

Kohl’s has great clothes and home accessories, so it can serve as an easy stop to pick up multiple items. However, even the easiest of trips can get complicated when you add a baby. Taking baby to Kohl’s is not the same as going by yourself.

It’s important to figure out the best way to take your baby out into the world where you can accomplish what you need to before your baby has a problem that has to be addressed. Planning well ahead of time will help you and your baby have an easy trip to Kohl’s.

1. Anticipate Challenges

Why is taking baby to Kohl’s a challenge? It’s the same reason that taking babies anywhere can be hard: unpredictability. You are trying to work around feeding and nap times. Your baby is used to a routine that lets him know what is expected when. Even a trip planned at the best time can go awry if your baby decides she doesn’t like the sounds, sights, or smells surrounding her.

There’s also always the chance of a diaper explosion that requires you to stop shopping and start cleaning up a mess that has now taken place outside of your home. It’s normal to be nervous when stepping out the door, but getting organized before you leave goes a long way in helping you succeed. Taking baby to Kohl’s or other stores is possible.

2. Have Coupons or Kohl’s Cash at the Ready

Kohl’s mails some of the best coupons offering a certain percentage off of your purchase. They also give Kohl’s cash when you check out at certain times, and you can come use it just like cash on specified dates. What’s important is to remember to bring your coupons or Kohl’s cash.

When taking baby to Kohl’s, you do not want to forget anything that will help you save money. Once you are checking out, it’s infuriating to realize the 30 percent off coupon you had is sitting at home. Dragging your baby back home to get it and then to the store again feels too overwhelming.

Pack your purse, wallet, or diaper bag with all of your coupons, Kohl’s cash, and special offers before you walk out the door of the house. This will save you frustration. Also, don’t forget to pack the diapers!

3. Bring an Assistant

If you just need to pick up dinner plates, pillows, or other home items, you and the baby can go it alone. If you are taking baby to Kohl’s to pick up some clothes for yourself, you may want to bring an assistant. A willing friend or family member will work just fine.

Trying on clothes with a baby in tow is not impossible, but it is not the easiest thing to do. Having someone else hold the baby or tell the dressing room attendant that you need another size saves time and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed before you’ve found what you need.

Remember that shopping for clothes postpartum is going to be an interesting experience no matter what. Try to go alone if you can. However, taking baby to Kohl’s to shop for clothing is possible as long as you are prepared for whatever comes.

4. Have a List

Taking baby to Kohl’s without a list is a bad idea. You are under time constraints, whether it’s trying to shop before the baby needs food or getting home before she needs to nap. Walking into the store aimlessly and taking your time is a good way for everything to go wrong.

Know what you want to buy and grab items that are essential first. Browsing online before you go will help you identify exactly what you need, and this will make your trip faster.

It’s fine to grab items you didn’t plan on purchasing once you get to the store, but make sure you have everything you don’t want to leave without before browsing. Taking baby to Kohl’s means she is going to control how long you want to be in the store. Don’t walk out without the one thing you absolutely came to the store to purchase.

5. Pack a Helpful Bag

The bag you bring with you should hold distractions for your child based on her age and interests. Snacks and pacifiers are a must, and boards books or stuffed animals can be great for kids who are old enough to play with them. Taking baby to Kohl’s is much easier when you can offer her something to keep her busy while she sits in the cart or stroller.

Don’t bring anything your child associates with dropping. If your child starts dropping an item simply for the pleasure of watching you pick it back up, it’s going to be a long shopping trip. Try to bring items that will engross your baby while you shop so you can get in and get out with few interruptions.

6. Time the Trip Well

It’s never a great idea to take a young baby into a busy store crammed with other people. The over-stimulation from noise and strangers can set a child off, and it’s much harder to move through the store quickly if you are smashed inside with tons of other shoppers.

It’s also wise to consider shopping during less busy times to avoid illness, especially during RSV or flu season. Young babies do not have strong immune systems, so it’s important to be mindful of where you take them and what you expose them to early in life. A black Friday sale the day after Thanksgiving is not when you want to shop at Kohl’s with your baby.

Good Times for Taking Baby to Kohl’s

  • Early mornings when the store has just opened
  • Week days as opposed to weekends
  • Days that aren’t close to holidays or special events

7. Choose the Best Mode of Transportation

Taking baby to Kohl’s means having a way for your little one to comfortably ride through the store. Some kids have the neck control and are old enough to sit in the carts, but many need their own strollers or carriers.

If you are breastfeeding, it’s a good idea to wear a carrier that allows the baby to nurse while you keep shopping. This will ensure the baby’s cries that come from hunger can be dealt with quickly and you won’t have to end your trip because she is hungry.

Babies who rest peacefully in strollers may not mind going through the store reclined in their seats. Whatever mode of transport works best for your baby is the one you need to have at the ready.

8. Block Out Bad Vibes

No matter how well you plan, your baby may have a hard time while you are out shopping. She may cry and find it hard to calm down in an unfamiliar environment. Just because she is upset doesn’t mean you have to be. It’s important to let the calm come from your body so it can be absorbed by her.

Don’t worry about strangers judging you for the way your baby is acting. First of all, they probably aren’t. We tend to be harder on ourselves than other people are, so we assume we’re being judged. Second of all, you can’t control your baby’s feelings or response. All you can do is offer her what she needs and keep her safe.

9. Options for a Trip that Falls Apart

  • Retreat to a quiet place in the store and attempt to feed or calm your baby
  • Ask your assistant, if you brought one, to take care of the baby while you finish shopping
  • Go home and try again at a better time for everyone

Even if you have to leave, don’t look at the trip as a failure. Every time you get out in the world with your baby, you learn more about what works and what doesn’t. It’s a never-ending experiment, and you can collect tons of data just by observing!


Taking baby to Kohl’s is possible, and you may find that your little one enjoys being out in the world. You don’t have to consider yourself housebound just because your child is young. Plan ahead and do the best you can when you step out the door.

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