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Traveling to Great Wolf Lodge with Your Baby: Your Essential Guide

Planning a trip to Great Wolf Lodge with a baby in tow? Don’t fret! This guide will walk you through everything you need to know for a fun-filled family adventure.

Is Great Wolf Lodge Baby-Friendly?

Yes, Great Wolf Lodge is known for its family-friendly environment. They offer amenities and activities that cater to all age groups, including infants.

Convenient Accommodations

Rooms are designed with families in mind, with plenty of space and amenities, like cribs upon request, to ensure a comfortable stay for you and your baby.

What Activities Are Suitable for Babies?

While the waterpark may be the main attraction, Great Wolf Lodge offers a range of activities suitable for babies.

  1. Cub Paw Pool: This toddler-friendly water play area at Great Wolf Lodge is designed specifically for your little ones. With water depths ranging from zero to 24 inches and mini water slides, it’s the perfect spot for safe and supervised water fun.
  2. Whooping Hollow: Whooping Hollow offers pint-sized slides for your littlest ones. With slides designed specifically for children under 48 inches tall, it’s a delightful playground where your baby will have a blast.
  3. The Forest Friends Show: The Forest Friends come to life for morning and evening shows in the lobby area of Great Wolf Lodge. The animated characters and engaging stories will captivate your baby’s attention.
  4. Cub Club on Wheels: This engaging and educational craft and activity program is designed for kids, with the intention of keeping them entertained and learning. Here, babies and toddlers can enjoy a variety of sensory play options under the guidance of parents.
  5. Northern Lights Arcade: Even though it’s a gaming arcade, it offers a number of fun, low-stimulation games that babies can enjoy with their parents.
  6. Buckets Incredible Craveables: This restaurant located inside the water park area offers baby-friendly food options. Highchairs are available to make feeding time easier for you and your little one.
  7. Elements Spa Salon: Great Wolf Lodge also offers a Scooops Kid Spa, where you can enjoy a mommy-and-me pedicure.

What to Pack When Taking Your Baby to Great Wolf Lodge

Packing for a baby can feel overwhelming, but it’s easier if you break it down by categories like feeding, sleeping, and playing. Don’t forget essentials such as diapers, wipes, baby-friendly sunscreen, and your baby’s favorite comfort items.

Managing Your Baby’s Sleep Schedule at Great Wolf Lodge

It’s important to stick to your baby’s sleep schedule as much as possible while on vacation to ensure they’re well-rested and ready to enjoy the activities. Booking a suite that offers separate sleeping areas can help maintain a quiet space for your baby’s naps and bedtime.

Infants at Great Wolf Lodge

Admission Policy for Infants

Yes, infants are welcome at Great Wolf Lodge. They have facilities and amenities that are designed to be infant-friendly.

Free Admission for Young Children

Great Wolf Lodge offers free admission for children aged 2 and under, making it an affordable choice for families with a toddler or baby.

Accommodating Your Baby’s Needs at Great Wolf Lodge

In-room Amenities

Rooms at Great Wolf Lodge are equipped with amenities like microwaves and fridges to help meet your baby’s feeding needs. They also offer bed rails upon request for the safety of your baby.

On-site Facilities for Your Baby

Yes, you can take a stroller into Great Wolf Lodge. They also provide swim diapers for your baby’s convenience. Towels are readily available for guests, and wristbands are required for those who wish to enjoy the water park.

Feeding at Great Wolf Lodge

While you’re allowed to bring your own snacks, Great Wolf Lodge also has several dining options that can cater to various dietary needs. You can also find comfortable spaces for breastfeeding throughout the resort.

Planning Your Stay at Great Wolf Lodge

Best Time to Visit

The best age to go to Great Wolf Lodge would be when your child is old enough to enjoy the water park. However, for infants, the resort offers a baby float and a dedicated toddler area for safe fun.

Length of Stay

The duration of your stay largely depends on your family’s preferences. Some families find that a two-night stay gives them enough time to explore and enjoy all the activities without feeling rushed.

Optimizing Your Visit

The least busy days at Great Wolf Lodge are usually weekdays during the school year. Quiet times are observed to ensure all guests, especially those with babies, can have a restful sleep.

Additional Services

Great Wolf Lodge offers the option to add a Wolf Pass later. Parents do have to pay at MagiQuest, which is a separate interactive game that’s perfect for older siblings while the baby is napping.

Real Life Experiences from Parents

“Great Wolf Lodge was such a dream come true for our family! Our six-month-old loved the baby float and the toddler area was a hit. I was so relieved they had swim diapers readily available – it saved us a trip back to our room. The staff even pointed out the quiet spots for breastfeeding, which were cozy and clean. We had a little hiccup when we couldn’t heat our baby food in the room’s microwave – it wasn’t working. But the staff quickly replaced it for us. We were back to our baby’s feeding routine in no time!” – Sarah, mom of two

“The trip to the Lodge was our first big outing since our baby was born. Having a fridge in the room was a lifesaver for storing breastmilk. I also appreciated how they had wristbands for the water park; it gave me peace of mind that everyone there was a guest. Unfortunately, our two-year-old was a bit overwhelmed by the water park’s noise and crowd, so we ended up spending most of our time in the quieter areas of the lodge. Not quite the holiday we envisioned, but we learned our lesson about managing expectations with little ones!” – Jake, first-time dad

“Taking our baby to Great Wolf Lodge was an adventure! We were lucky to find that they have bed rails available – our little one is a roller. The microwave came in handy for those middle-of-the-night feeds. However, we did find it hard to stick to our regular feeding and nap schedule due to all the excitement. Next time, we’ll be better prepared for that aspect.” – Melissa, mom of one

“We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge for three nights. Having amenities like a fridge and microwave was a real game changer for us. Plus, the availability of swim diapers was an added bonus. But be prepared for the non-stop excitement – it took a toll on our baby’s sleep schedule. We even had a night where the baby was so overtired he wouldn’t fall asleep until the early morning. Pro tip: pack some familiar items from home to help your baby settle.” – Dave, dad of three

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