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10 Tips for Taking Baby to Great Wolf Lodge

Taking Baby to Great Wolf Lodge

Taking Baby to Great Wolf Lodge Tips

Great Wolf Lodge is a popular destination for families with children. This waterpark-themed hotel offers opportunities for every member of the family including young children and babies. If you are planning a family trip to any of the resort’s locations, you’ll want to read and adopt these 10 tips for taking baby to Great Wolf Lodge.

1. Take Advantage of the Free Activities

Splashing and snuggling in the water park are great activities that baby will enjoy. It’s one of the reasons so many families are excited about taking baby to Great Wolf Lodge. But it’s also a good idea to take advantage of the free activities the resort offers. When your taking baby to Great Wolf Lodge, be sure to check out The Wolf Walk, The Great Clock Tower Show, character photo opportunities, and storytime.

Each of these activities is available to you as part of your water park admission. You can find schedules for these activities all over the resort. If you can’t find a time or location for a specific event, you can call or visit the front desk. Kids can also take part in the nightly pajama party or hang out at Camp Howl while parents go out on their own.

2. Make it an Extended Family Event

Another great tip for taking baby to Great Wolf Lodge with you is to make it an extended family event; especially if you have other children coming too. Bring the grandparents, aunts, uncles, best friends, and older kids too. By having many people with you, you can take a break from the shallow end and enjoy some adult time.

3. Pack Your Own Snacks

Babies get hungry often, which means it’s a good idea to keep a bunch of extra snacks with you. When taking baby to Great Wolf Lodge, you can take advantage of your room’s mini refrigerator and microwave. The appliances also come in handy when you have to warm up baby food or make a bottle.

You can also take the snacks with you, so you don’t have to pay the high prices at the concession stands or run back to your room every time the baby or your other kids need a snack or something to drink.

4. Arrive Early and Stay Late

You’ve already paid for the room and tickets, so you may take advantage of everything the Great Wolf Lodge has to offer you and your family. At most locations, you can’t officially check-in until 4 PM. However, you can arrive up to three hours early, at 1 PM, and start enjoying the waterpark. You can leave your luggage in the car or bring it to the front desk for easy storage.

There are locker rooms for you to change in and lockers for rent to protect your belongings. When it’s time to check-in, someone from your group can head to the lobby to get your room keys. You can take this time to take a break and get settled in your room, or you can continue playing in the park.

As an extra bonus, your included tickets also allow you to stay all day the day you check out. Normal checkout time is at 11 AM and the park opens at 9 AM every day. On the day you leave, you are more than welcome to stay until the park closes for the day at no extra cost.

5. Leave the Pack and Play at Home

As soon as you enter the lobby at Great Wolf Lodge, you’ll see babies and toddlers everywhere. It’s a great family vacation spot, which should make you feel more confident about taking baby to Great Wolf Lodge. One reason so many parents with young children and babies head to this resort is because the lodge caters to families.

As an example, you don’t have to worry about hauling your pack and play or another convertible crib with you. Instead, you can ask the front desk for one and they’ll send it to your room with their compliments. If you have bunk beds in your room and you’re worried about your older children, you can also get bed rails that will keep them safer.

As with most hotels or resorts, the complimentary pack and plays and bed rails are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, which means you’ll need to reserve or request this when you make your reservation.

6. Kids Under Three Eat Free at the Resort

When you’re taking baby to Great Wolf Lodge, you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to feed them. Not only are there tons of restaurants and concession stands around the resort but kids under three eat free. There’s also plenty of choices, so you don’t have to worry about filling everyone’s tummy with junk food.

7. Pack the Stroller and Stroll Around the Resort

When you’re taking baby to Great Wolf Lodge, you’re probably worried about how you will get from the room to the waterpark. But, you can put those worries out of your head. The entire resort is built for those with mobility issues, so you can bring your stroller and not worry about any obstacles getting in your way.

When you get to the waterpark, you’ll be asked to park your stroller in a designated parking area, but it will be there waiting for you when you’re ready to head back to the room. There are plenty of elevators to help you get from one destination to another, but you may have to wait for elevators during peak times of day and night.

8. Visit the Kiddie Pool

You might have planned to sit and snuggle baby the entire time you’re at the resort, but you don’t have too. In fact, when taking baby to Great Wolf Lodge, you should make it a must to visit the kiddie pool.

The kiddie pool section is designated for young children and their parents. Older toddlers may be able to go down some of the slides themselves, but the equipment is designed for parents to participate too. The water is about ankle deep and you’ll find plenty of Moms and Dads in this area splashing and having fun with their children.

9. Make a Critter to Love and Cuddle

There’s a huge candy store at the resort that specialize in Jelly Belly jelly beans. It’s impossible to miss and a must-see for families, even when you’re taking baby to Great Wolf Lodge. But, the truth of the matter is, most babies can’t eat candy and wouldn’t have any interest in that. Instead, take babies to create their own critter. You’ll have to help, but they can create a variety of different lodge-inspired characters that they can keep as a souvenir and cuddle and love on when they want too.

10. Take Advantage of Free Life Jackets

When you’re taking baby to the indoor waterpark, you’re likely worried about water safety. The park employs very attentive lifeguards who are easy to identify around the resort. The park also offers free life jackets for guest use. The life jackets are available in some small, infant sizes, but if you’re worried about taking baby to Great Wolf Lodge and not finding a life jacket to fit, you can bring your own from home.


Now that you know there are so many activities and fun things to do when you are taking baby to Great Wolf Lodge, you’re ready to make your visit. Read through the list of tips above again to make sure you get the best out of your getaway.

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