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Bringing Your Baby to College Classes: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating College as a Parent

Attending college while raising a child brings forth unique obstacles, but it’s a journey packed with rich rewards. It’s a commitment towards securing a better financial future for your family. One of the major hurdles student-parents often encounter is securing reliable childcare. It’s not always feasible to find someone who can watch over your baby consistently during your college schedule.

Securing Childcare Solutions:

  • Connect with other parents for recommendations.
  • Search online for trusted childcare providers.
  • Discuss with your college if they provide any childcare facilities.
  • Advertise for a babysitter.
  • Propose a childcare trade arrangement with another parent.
  • Arrange for care with trusted family members.

However, even the most reliable childcare solutions may fall short sometimes, which might necessitate bringing your baby to your college class. Here’s how to navigate this situation effectively:

Effective Strategies for Taking Your Baby to College Class

1. Communicate With Your Professor

Before bringing your baby to college, discuss your situation with your professor. Professors generally understand the importance of your attendance and may accommodate your baby’s occasional presence. However, it’s critical to gain their permission first to avoid any classroom disruptions.

2. Be Prepared for All Situations

Preparation is key when taking your baby to a college class. Pack all essential baby supplies including extra diapers, baby food, and quiet toys. If possible, invest in a few new toys as they can keep your baby occupied for longer. Consider recording the lecture as it might be challenging to juggle note-taking while caring for your baby.

3. Be Considerate of Other Students

Your baby’s presence in class might be distracting to some students. Sit at the back of the room near an exit, enabling a quick and discreet departure if necessary. Keep your interactions with your baby low-key to minimize disruption.

4. Retain Responsibility

While some might offer to help with your baby during class, it’s best to politely decline to prevent further distractions. You want to maintain a conducive learning environment while having your baby with you in class.

5. Prioritize Your Baby’s Safety

College classrooms are not designed with babies in mind. Constant vigilance is required to ensure your baby’s safety during the class, especially if they are at an age where they are mobile.

Attending College With a Baby

Can You Take Your Baby to College Classes with You?

Yes, it is possible to take your baby to college classes, but it’s crucial to first communicate with your professor and classmates for their approval to maintain a conducive learning environment.

Can I Go to College with a Newborn?

Yes, you can attend college with a newborn. However, this might require a solid support system and a well-planned schedule for balancing your academic and parenting responsibilities.

How Do You Attend College with a Baby?

Attending college with a baby involves strategic planning. This includes setting up childcare, coordinating with professors and classmates, preparing adequately for each class, and using resources such as online classes or family-friendly study spaces when available.

What Happens If You Have a Baby During College?

If you have a baby during college, you will need to juggle academics with childcare. This might involve taking some time off, going part-time, or relying on a support system to help care for your baby while you attend classes or complete assignments.

College Housing and Parenthood

Can You Stay in a College Dorm with a Baby?

Typically, college dorms do not allow babies due to considerations like noise, space, and safety regulations. However, some universities offer family housing options for students with children.

Can You Live in a Dorm While Pregnant?

Yes, pregnant students can live in a college dorm. However, as the pregnancy progresses and comfort needs increase, it may be more beneficial to consider alternative housing options.

Can I Dorm with My Boyfriend in College?

This depends on your college’s housing policies. Some colleges allow co-ed housing, while others do not. It’s best to check with your college’s housing department for specific regulations.

College Pregnancy

Do I Have to Tell My College I’m Pregnant?

No, you are not legally required to disclose your pregnancy to your college. However, doing so might open up access to resources and accommodations that can help manage your academic responsibilities during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Can You Lose Your Scholarship If You Get Pregnant?

No, you cannot lose your scholarship due to pregnancy. Under Title IX, it is illegal for schools to discriminate based on pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions.

Should I Take College Classes Pregnant?

Whether to take college classes while pregnant is a personal decision that depends on your health, academic workload, and personal comfort. It’s crucial to consult with your healthcare provider and academic advisor to make the best decision for you and your baby.

Can You Get Kicked Out of Nursing School for Being Pregnant?

No, you cannot get kicked out of nursing school or any educational institution for being pregnant. Pregnancy discrimination is illegal under Title IX in the United States.

Balancing Parenthood and College

How Do You Balance a Newborn and College?

Balancing a newborn and college involves organizing your schedule, arranging for reliable childcare, making use of university resources, and communicating your needs with your professors.

Can You Be a Mom and Go to College?

Yes, you can be a mom and attend college. Many colleges offer resources to support student parents, including childcare services, flexible scheduling, and online courses.

Should You Take Classes Before Having a Baby?

Enrolling in child development or parenting classes before having a baby can provide beneficial knowledge and skills. But it’s also essential to focus on your college classes to ensure academic success while managing parenthood.

How Can Help

While taking your baby to a college class can seem daunting, organizations like can help. They offer advice and products that promote healthy baby sleep habits. Having your baby well-rested before class can make the experience smoother for everyone involved. So whether you’re planning for quiet activities during class or ensuring your baby gets a good night’s sleep before a day at college, is a great resource for you.


Bringing your baby to a college class is not without its challenges. However, with preparation, understanding professors, and the right resources like, it’s entirely possible. Remember to be considerate of others and prioritize your baby’s safety and well-being. By doing so, you’re well on your way to successfully juggling your responsibilities as a parent and a college student.