Tips for Taking Baby to Church for the First Time

You are so excited for the world to meet your newborn. Before you venture out into the world, maybe you have decided to start by taking your newborn to church. You have been at home for weeks making sure that your little ones immune system can grow.

Now you are ready to get out of the house and feel like a real human again! Everyone at church has been texting and calling you wanting to know when they get to meet your precious new baby. Now you are preparing for your newborn’s first time at church.

The biggest concern for taking your newborn to church is going to be germs. Schools and daycares have strict policies for children who are sick. Churches often have policies in place to assure that sick children aren’t left in the nursery, but these policies are more lenient at church.

At church, everyone is family. You all know and love each other. No one wants to turn away a family with small children who might be sick. When taking your newborn to church for the first time, you need to be cautious of people who are sick. Adults go out in public all the time when they are sick. Protect your baby, but don’t be offensive to your church family.

Here are five tips to keep your baby safe during your newborn’s first time at church. Be gracious, but firm with your words. Explain your precautions to others if necessary. Don’t be afraid to protect your baby.

Following these five tips, you will know that you have done your best to keep your newborn safe from germs so you can enjoy being out in the world again.

1. Stroller or Baby Carrier

Let your newborn rest in a stroller or infant car seat while in church.

During your newborn’s first time at church, you want to control the environment as much as possible. The stroller or infant car seat will give your baby an extra layer of protection from germs. People are going to ask to hold your baby and it will be easier to say “no” if your baby is buckled in a stroller.

If your baby doesn’t care for the stroller, you might consider wearing your baby in a body carrier of your choosing. When taking your newborn to church, keep your baby snug in a safe place so that people can look, but have limited access to your baby. Looking from a slight distance is good enough for now.

2. Sign for Infant Car Seat

Attach a sign to your infant carrier that says “please do not touch” or something similar when taking your newborn to church. Church is a place where everyone is family and everyone seems safe. The fact is you don’t know who was sick yesterday or who might get sick tonight.

Protect your baby with a sign that reminds others that your baby is new and needs to be protected. Cute signs that say “please do not touch” are not offensive and can be purchased online.

Some people at church have never had a newborn and others may have forgotten the need to keep germs away. The sign is a visible reminder that your baby is new and not ready for all the world to touch him/her.

3. Hand Sanitizer

Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you everywhere and have it out for your newborn’s first time at church. If you decide it is okay for someone to hold your baby, ask them to sanitize their hands first. Keep your own hands sanitized as well.

Fellowship time at church is a sweet time to welcome everyone, shake hands and give hugs. Be careful that you don’t pass on germs to your baby from contact with someone else. Everyone will understand your request for them to sanitize before touching your baby. Hand sanitizer is essential when taking your newborn to church.

4. Baby Mittens

Baby mittens can do more than just protect your newborn from his/her own sharp fingernails. Baby mittens will protect your newborn from all those hands during your newborn’s first time at church. When a sweet little grandmother sees a cute baby, her first reaction is to grab those little fingers.

The problem is those precious newborn fingers may go in your babies mouth a few minutes later. Baby mittens are cute and they will protect your baby from unwanted germs. Taking your newborn to church may mean you have to pack a few extra pairs of baby mittens, but keeping your baby healthy is the priority.

5. Just Say “No”

Don’t be afraid to ask people not to touch your baby yet. Taking your newborn to church does not mean you have to let everyone touch and hold your baby. Encourage your friends to touch your baby’s toes or just look for now. Your baby can’t reach his/her toes yet and socks or shoes offer a layer of protection for the feet.

People will ask if they can hold your baby and you do not have to feel bad about saying, “Not yet.” Your church friends should not be offended by these words. Assure them that eventually, your baby will be ready to be held by others. One day, you will feel comfortable leaving your baby in the nursery.

Right now, this is your newborn’s first time going to church and you just aren’t ready to part with your little one.

A Few Helpful Phrases

Here are a few phrases you might want to have ready when taking your newborn to church.

  • ”Not yet.”
  • ”We are only letting family hold the baby right now.”
  • ”Please don’t touch the baby, he/she is new.”
  • ”You can look, but please don’t touch.”


Taking your newborn to church is exciting and does not have to be stressful. Follow these tips and relax knowing you have done your best to protect your baby during your newborn’s first time at church. Enjoy your time out of the house. Talk to your friends.

Find other moms and swap baby stories. You need the community of church to get you through the next week. Taking your baby to church is safe and it is a good idea for your sanity. Now pick out a super cute out fit and show off that little one by taking your newborn to church.