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7 Tips for Taking Baby to Casino

    Taking Baby to Casino Tips

    There are times when you have money to burn and may feel a stroke of luck coming on. In this event, taking baby to casino can be fun and exciting. But if you have never taken your baby to a casino, you may have some concerns. In order to quell these worries, we have compiled a list of tips for moms taking baby to casino.

    1. Purchase a Set of Earmuffs

    Because a casino is a noisy place that can be annoying information overload for your baby, it is smart to invest in a pair of noise-canceling earmuffs. These earmuffs are made specifically for babies to be light, comfortable, and effective at keeping out the noise. You don’t want to offend baby’s sensitive ears with all the cacophony that radiates from a casino.

    While there are other ways of keeping the noise out, such as earplugs, and even a pull-down beanie hat, these methods are far less effective and can irritate your baby. Taking baby to casino is an adventure that can also make you a lot richer if your baby is a good luck charm.

    2. Bring a Stroller

    Casinos are built to accommodate people in wheelchairs with handicaps. They typically have wide and spacious floor layouts. This means that it will be very easy for you to find your way around the entire hotel and casino with even a large stroller. A stroller is a way for your baby to stay comfortable and to enjoy a smooth ride as you glide up and down elevators and across spacious floors.

    In most cases, you can also carry your diaper bag, formula, and other accessories right on the stroller. A large comfortable stroller is ideal for the casino. And the more opulent the better. Casinos like upscale customers and may comp you with perks if you and baby look like high rollers in elite strollers.

    3. Let Baby Play

    Taking baby to casino can be almost like a birthday party. Babies love the lights and colors of casinos. For the same reasons that adults love the entertainment, your baby will feel better if interaction with the machines is possible. Allowing baby to hit the buttons on slot machines or to handle some poker chips is a great way to help them ease into the casino event.

    If you keep them in the stroller and distant from everything, they will either whine for attention or fall asleep. Taking baby to casino won’t be much fun if you don’t let baby play. Even though your baby isn’t of legal age to play, taking baby to casino doesn’t have to be in a physical place. If you want to enjoy a casino-like experience, simply use your phone app to bring up casino-like games.

    4. Take Pictures

    It is amazing how children and babies are so excited and fascinated over the simplest things. If you can take some photos of your baby with a poker visor on or in adult roles that personify them as a gambler, this can create a lot of lighthearted memories of taking baby to casino.

    People love to watch videos and look at photos of babies that are characterized like adults. You can even narrate the movie by making comments, such as, “Baby looks like she’s about to hit the jackpot.” “She is betting the maximum amount and appears to be on a winning streak.”

    Adding some narratives and creating fun media at the casino is a great way to make the event a special occasion rather than some mundane day trip. You can also have baby posing with large amounts of money and pretend that she won the jackpot. These are all fun photo ideas to take advantage of the special setting.

    cute photo ideas:

    • In front of a big hotel
    • At the buffet
    • Baby holding a casino player’s card
    • With a stack of chips
    • Playing with card deck
    • Baby posing with other gambling novelties

    5. Know the Rules of Each Casino

    Many casinos don’t allow children or babies to enter. The legal age for gambling is 21 in most states. This means that you’ll have to figure out where you baby may stay for your entire trip. In many cases, they won’t be able to come with you onto the gaming floor. They may be able to pass through but only en route to other stores and restaurants in the facility.

    If the casino does allow babies, you may be thrown out if the baby becomes disruptive or it appears that you are neglecting care in any manner. This can be embarrassing and is certain to limit your movement in the casino if you are constantly watching your baby. Having someone with you to take care of your baby when you are doing any gambling is probably a necessity.

    6. Places to Go Near the Casino

    Thankfully, there are many places to go near most casinos. If you are in Las Vegas, you can visit the Children’s Museum, Mandalay Bay, or a ride on a replica Gondola at the Venitian. The water slide at Mandalay Bay passes straight through a shark tank.

    Most hotels, like the MGM Grand and Red Rocks Casino, have kiddie pools and a play areas for babies and kids of all ages to relax. This may be the best alternative to the casino for your vacation. There are typically other museums, malls, kiddie pools, and playgrounds at any casino resort area that you can visit when taking baby to casino.

    7. Baby Carrier

    You may want to alternate between a carriage and a baby carrier that keeps baby up close and personal. Spending all day in a stroller can make your baby a little cranky. The alternative is to bring some friends or family who can also lend a hand in giving baby attention and keeping him or her pacified.

    Taking baby to casino doesn’t have to be boring for baby. If they have someone interacting with them throughout the entire event, they will not start whining for attention. And that is exactly what will happen if you are gambling and get too caught up in the game. Taking baby to casino can be a big distraction if you are a serious gambler.

    Taking baby to casino in a handheld baby carrier may be a little awkward, however. You want a baby carrier that straps onto your body like those papooses that the Native American Indians used to use. Since we are in America, you may find that you are able to tap into some primitive energy at an Indian casino when you play this way.


    Taking baby to casino may just become a regular event if you can get a rhythm going. Although it is never easy to beat the odds at the casino, a lucky baby may just work for some people. A colicky or fidgety baby may prove to be too much of a distraction.

    In any regard, you should always plan ahead by packing your standard equipment and investing in special equipment, like the noise-canceling earmuffs. When you follow all these tips, you are sure to have a well thought out perspective of the event to enjoy it immensely. And if you lose way too much money, you can always sell the casino baby photos or post the videos on YouTube and hope that they go viral.

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