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11 Tips for Taking Baby to Bermuda

    Taking Baby to Bermuda Tips

    So, you have a trip to Bermuda coming up? How exciting! Bermuda is a gorgeous island full of wonder and relaxation. Of course, if you’re planning on taking your baby to Bermuda, your trip will look a little different than it would without baby. But, don’t fear! With some planning and care, you and your little one will both be able to have an enjoyable trip!

    If you’re taking your baby to Bermuda, read through the sections below. We’ll share some packing tips, flying tips, and tips for enjoying your time on the island.

    Tips on Packing

    Traveling with a baby is definitely different from traveling on your own. If you used to be a light packer, those days are probably gone for a while. Babies just need so many different things. Especially when you are heading to an island where you won’t have access to everything you would at home, you’ll want to make sure you pack everything your baby will need.

    If you’re taking your baby to Bermuda, here are some of the essentials you’ll want to make sure to pack for your trip:

    • Diapers
    • Wipes
    • Diaper Cream
    • Sunscreen
    • Bottles
    • Bottle brush/soap
    • Formula (if you use it)
    • Snacks (if your baby has started solid foods)
    • Bibs
    • Burp Cloths
    • Pajamas
    • Swaddles or sleep sacks
    • Plenty of Clothes
    • Swimsuit
    • Hats
    • Blankets
    • Any medications you may need (Tylenol, Benadryl, etc.)
    • Toys
    • Car seat (you’ll need this if your taking baby anywhere in a vehicle)
    • A place to sleep (if your hotel doesn’t have a Pack ‘n Play or something similar)

    Tips for Flying with a Baby

    If you’ve already flown with your baby, you know that there are lots of things to consider and plan for. If you haven’t flown with a baby yet, you’ll definitely want to take some time to plan out your trip and get prepared for the flight. There are a lot of different factors to consider when you are taking your baby to Bermuda.

    1. Choose Your Flight Time Wisely

    If you’re taking your baby to Bermuda, try your best to pick an ideal flight time. The ideal time to fly will likely be different for different babies, but typically flying around their nap time can be helpful. If you don’t think your baby will sleep on the plane, then you can also consider trying to choose a flight that will land around bedtime or naptime. This will hopefully allow your baby to get to sleep before they get overtired.

    2. Minimize Connections and Lay Overs

    When taking your baby to Bermuda, try to book a direct flight whenever possible. This will keep your travel time shorter, avoid unexpected delays, and prevent you from missing a connecting flight. Avoiding a connection will also save you from trying to run through the airport with your baby and all of your carry-on items.

    3. Wear Your Baby Through Security

    Wearing your baby through security can help make it easier and quicker to get to your gate when you are taking your baby to Bermuda. If you have your baby in a stroller, you’re going to need to take them out to collapse the stroller so it can be scanned at security. If you have your baby on you in a carrier, you’ll be able to walk through security with them, most of the time. You can still bring your stroller with you, just leave it empty of use it to push some of your bags.

    4. Feed Your Baby During Take-Off and Landing

    Giving your baby a bottle or breastfeeding them during take-off and landing can help protect their ears from changes in pressure. If they are sucking and swallowing it can help relieve their ears. This will keep them more comfortable, happier, and can help to prevent more serious issues.

    5. Keep a Copy of Your Baby’s Birth Certificate with You

    When you are taking your baby to Bermuda, you should keep a copy of your baby’s birth certificate with you. Most airlines won’t ask for it, but some may want to see it to confirm that the baby you are traveling with is yours.

    6. Have Plenty of Extra Diapers and a Few Changes of Clothing in Your Carry-On

    In addition to your diaper bag essentials, you’ll want to make sure that you bring a few more diapers than you normally have with you. This will help ensure that you don’t run out and will help you to be prepared in case there are any delays.

    You will also want to pack a few changes of clothing for your baby and yourself. You never know when that next diaper blow out or spit up will occur, but if you have extra clothes you will be prepared.

    7. Consider Purchasing a Seat for Your Baby

    Taking your baby to Bermuda may mean a long flight. Even though babies under two travel free on a parent’s lap, you may want to consider purchasing them their own seat on the airplane. Having them in a car seat is the safest option while flying. Plus, if they have their own seat, you may be able to get some rest on the plane, instead of having to hold them for the entire time.

    Tips for the Island

    8. Adjusting to Time Difference

    Depending on where you are traveling from, Bermuda may have big time difference from what you and baby are used to. Trying to help your baby adjust to the time difference as much as possible can lead to a more enjoyable trip for both of you. You can start this before you even leave for your trip. Start slowly adjusting your baby’s bedtime to the time you will want them to go to bed on the island. If you do this slowly over the week before you leave, your baby may already be on Bermuda time by the time you arrive. However, it will likely take a few days for your baby to completely adjust to the new time zone. Be patient and expect a few rough nights, then things should get better. Try your best to keep baby calm and reassure them that everything is ok.

    9. Find Time for Naps

    Vacation with a baby is definitely different than vacation without a baby. You know that your baby needs naps. You’ve seen what happens at home when those naps get skipped, and you don’t want a cranky and overtired baby when you’re trying to enjoy your vacation. Naps will likely look different than they do at home, but try to make sure your baby gets at least some short naps each day. It may mean bringing a shaded tent to the beach, planning on taking a longer car ride somewhere one day, or heading back to the hotel room for a few quiet hours in the afternoon. But the bottom line is that both you and your baby will be happier if she gets a nap in.

    10. Use Sunscreen and a Hat

    Bermuda is beautiful and sunny! When taking your baby to Bermuda, you will want to be sure to keep them protected from the sun’s hot rays. Use plenty of sunscreen and reapply it frequently. As a general rule, if your baby is getting wet, sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours. If they are not getting wet, you can typically reapply it every four hours. Most pediatricians and dermatologists recommend using a mineral based sunscreen for babies.

    You’ll also want to put a hat on your baby. The hat will offer additional protection from the sun. It can shield your baby’s eyes and protect the more sensitive skin on the top of their head.

    11. Make a Plan for Each Day

    You’ll find that your vacation will go more smoothly and be more enjoyable if you have a general plan for each day. You don’t need to plan out every minute, but knowing what you want to do will help you make plans to accommodate your baby’s schedule. If you know you’ll be hanging out on the beach for a few hours one day, you can make sure to pack enough bottles for the amount of time you’ll be out. If you’re planning on doing some sightseeing, you can make a plan to work in a nap for your baby while you’ll be out. If your baby has started eating solid foods, you may also want to decide which restaurants you want to visit and check their menus. This can help you decide if you’ll need to bring any additional baby-friendly foods with you.


    Taking a baby to Bermuda can be lots of fun. Your trip will definitely look different than it would if you were traveling without your baby, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be enjoyable. Setting realistic expectations and doing some planning ahead of time can help you ensure that both you and baby enjoy your time on the wonderful island of Bermuda.

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