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11 Tips for Taking Your Baby In Large Crowds


Taking Baby in Large Crowds Tips

While there are certainly precautions that should be taken, it’s not wrong or unusual to take your baby outside where crowds might form. It’s also normal for parents to take their baby with them to run errands where a crowd might be encountered indoors. The following tips are useful when taking baby in large crowds because they can help to ensure your bundle of joy is protected wherever you go.

1. Wait Until Your Baby Is At Least 2 Months Old

For the first several weeks after your baby is born, it’s best to stay away from a lot of people because your baby needs time to strengthen their immune system. When any human being has a compromised immune system they are more likely to get sick. This applies to little ones that have not had time to develop a strong immune system. It’s precisely why you’ll want to avoid taking baby in large crowds when they’re firstborn.

There’s no doubt that your baby is adorable and will be irresistible, which means some strangers will approach you in a large crowd to admire your baby. Ideally, you should wait until your baby is at least 2 months old. Some parents wait a little longer just to make sure their baby’s immune system has sufficiently matured. This is important because you want your baby to stay happy and healthy.

2. Pack Plenty of Baby Wipes

When taking baby in large crowds, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of baby wipes on hand. This will allow you to keep your baby’s hands clean because they are likely to touch surfaces that have germs. It’s not just for keeping your baby’s hands clean, it can also be used to keep your hands clean when handling your baby. You might be surprised by how many germs you can pick up in large crowds. If you’re using a changing room in a place where there are large crowds, you’ll need to be diligent about wiping down surfaces. In fact, instead of just baby wipes, you should also carry sanitizing wipes.

3. Choose Clothing Appropriate for the Temperature

When taking baby in large crowds that are outdoors, you’ll need to choose clothing that will enable your baby to feel comfortable. If it’s during the summer months and temperatures are high, make sure you don’t put too many clothes on your baby. What you should do is dress your baby in clothes that are lightweight and appropriate for hot weather. When you’re outdoors and in a crowd, it can feel even hotter than the actual temperature. You’ll also want to pay attention to the humidity because it can cause your baby to feel miserable. If this is the case, just step away from the crowd to find a cool breeze, even if you’re only able to get away for a few minutes.

If you’re heading to a location that’s indoors, dress your baby in layers so that you can add an article of clothing if the air conditioner is on. The same applies to taking baby in large crowds during the winter. You should make sure your baby is bundled up for protection against the elements.

4. Steer Clear of Anyone That’s Coughing or Sneezing

If it’s wintertime and it’s raining, there’s a greater chance that people in the crowd will be sick. When taking baby in large crowds during flu season, you should do whatever is necessary to leave the crowd as soon as possible. During flu season, it’s really not worth being out in large crowds with your baby unless it’s absolutely necessary and there is no other way around it.

5. Make Sure Your Phone Is Charged

When taking baby in large crowds, you’ll need to make absolutely sure your phone is charged at all times. If your phone is not charged, you should have a phone charger with you. Why? It’s to ensure you’re able to make an emergency phone call if something happens. Although it’s not likely that anything will go wrong, you should always be prepared. You don’t want to have an emergency and not be able to remember important phone numbers that are inside of your phone if the battery has drained.

6. Have Recent Pictures of Your Baby on Your Phone

If you’re like most parents, you are probably documenting all of your baby’s milestones, which is fantastic. Sometimes parents will download and erase all images from their phone to make room for new pictures. While this is generally fine, make sure you always have a recent picture of your pride and joy, especially when taking baby in large crowds. If something goes wrong and you need to show someone a picture of your baby, you should be able to produce one immediately. If you have recent photos on social media, that will work just fine.

7. Dress Your Baby in a Bright Outfit

One of the best ways to make sure your baby is always within view is by choosing a bright outfit when taking baby in large crowds. In fact, you can dress your baby in a bright outfit that matches what you’re wearing. It’s one of many ways to have fun during an outing with your baby. If your baby is wearing a bright yellow outfit in a crowd, you will always see yellow in your peripheral vision if you’re looking in a different direction. This is important even if your baby remains in the stroller the entire time you’re walking through the crowd.

8. Avoid Areas Where There Is Cigarette Smoke

Despite the fact that we all understand that cigarettes are bad for a person’s health, there are still people that can’t quite kick the habit of smoking them. You’ll want to protect your baby from second hand smoke because it can affect your baby just like it can affect you. When taking baby in large crowds, you’re bound to encounter people smoking, which means you’ll need to walk in a different direction or at a distance from the cigarette smoke. You definitely don’t want to remain seated or standing in a large crowd where people are smoking cigarettes. It’s simply a matter of health.

9. Put Contact Information Around Your Baby’s Wrist

Sometimes when you’re in a crowd with your baby, you can get sidetracked. Quite frankly, there have been reports of parents being at a crowded amusement park with their baby sitting in a stroller and simply forgetting about them. Although frightening, it has happened. A great way to ensure you can be found immediately if this happens when taking baby in large crowds is by putting contact information around your baby’s wrist. You can use a temporary bracelet or an accessory that you have engraved. It should include your phone number and the phone number of at least two other relatives.

10. Never Leave Your Baby Unattended

If you’re in a crowd running errands, it’s easy to get sidetracked, especially if it’s just you and your baby. When taking baby in large crowds at places like a supermarket or an amusement park where you’re using a stroller, try not to look away from your baby. Looking away even just for a minute to focus on something else can put your baby at risk. That’s why it’s best to use a front facing carrier so that your baby is in view at all times.

11. Give Your Baby a Bath When You Get Home

If you’ve ever come home from work after a long day and taken a shower immediately, you know how good it feels to wash the day off of your skin. When taking baby in large crowds, they are exposed to all of the elements that were in that environment. Once you get home, you’ll want to get your baby all cleaned up with a bath. Sometimes it’s not necessary, but you’ll be able to tell based on how you feel. If you feel like you need a bath, chances are your baby will also feel refreshed after having a bath.


When preparing to leave home with your baby, you’ll want to make sure they’re protected from anything and everything that could cause harm, so pay close attention to your surroundings. It can sometimes feel a little frightening or stressful when you have to go outdoors with your baby, especially when you anticipate a large crowd. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry as long as you take the necessary precautions. You can be safe and also have a wonderful time with your baby.

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