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When Your Son’s Girlfriend Moves In: Navigating the New Normal

Setting Boundaries

Establishing House Rules

Clearly defining and communicating household rules can help maintain peace and ensure everyone is on the same page. This includes setting guidelines for shared spaces, responsibilities, and expectations.

Privacy and Respect

Respecting Personal Space

Understand the importance of personal space and privacy. Avoid intruding on their privacy, and encourage them to respect yours.


Open Dialogue

Encourage open and honest communication about any concerns, needs, or issues that arise. This helps to solve problems before they escalate and maintain a positive living environment.

Financial Considerations

Handling Finances

Have a frank discussion about financial contributions, especially if the stay is long-term. Clear expectations prevent potential disputes down the line.

Navigating Relationships

Understanding Your Role

As your son’s parent and the girlfriend’s host, striking a balance in your relationship with them is crucial. It’s important to maintain a respectful, open, and understanding approach.

Maintaining Harmony

Resolving Conflicts

Disagreements are natural when people live together. It’s important to have conflict resolution mechanisms in place, such as open discussions or mediation.

Building Positive Relationships

Creating a Welcoming Environment

Ensure that your son’s girlfriend feels welcome and part of the family. This sets a positive tone and encourages harmonious living.

Handling Difficult Emotions

What if You Don’t Like Your Son’s Girlfriend?

Coming to terms with personal feelings and approaching the situation objectively is crucial. Maintain respect, patience, and try to find common ground.

When Your Child Dates Someone You Don’t Like

Navigate this challenging scenario with understanding and compassion. Open and constructive communication is key.

Naming Conventions

What Do You Call Your Son’s Girlfriend?

Use the appropriate term based on her preference and your son’s level of commitment in the relationship.

Supporting Your Son’s Relationships

Guiding Your Son Through Relationship Challenges

If your son is in an unhealthy relationship, provide guidance, support, and advice without infringing on his autonomy.

Navigating Boundaries

Setting Limits on Your Son’s Girlfriend’s Presence at Home

Discuss boundaries and expectations with your son and his girlfriend to ensure a balanced cohabitation scenario.

Dealing with Disrespectful Behaviour

If your son’s girlfriend disrespects you, address it respectfully and assertively, focusing on the behavior and not the person.

Understanding Co-living

When Your Son Moves in with His Girlfriend

Consider your comfort level, expectations, and house rules when your son and his girlfriend decide to live under your roof.

When Your Son Wants to Move Back Home with His Girlfriend

Decide on terms and conditions that work for all parties to ensure harmony in the household. A clear and open conversation is essential before making any decisions.

When Things Don’t Work Out

Requesting Your Son’s Girlfriend to Leave Your Home

If the living situation becomes untenable, it’s okay to request a change. Do this sensitively, respecting everyone’s feelings and rights. It’s important to remain calm, firm, and compassionate.

Real-Life Testimonials from Parents

“Having my son’s girlfriend move in was a huge adjustment. As a single parent, I’ve always had a close bond with my son, Jake. I had my concerns about sharing our space with Lisa, his girlfriend. It wasn’t easy. Lisa is a vegan and insisted on separate cooking arrangements which wasn’t easy in our small Minneapolis kitchen. She was also a night owl, which often clashed with my early bird habits. We had a rocky start, but we worked things out eventually. It took time, patience, and a lot of open conversations.” – Sandra, Minneapolis

“My experience wasn’t as smooth as I would have hoped. My son’s girlfriend, Carla, moved in during the summer. She had a dog, which wouldn’t be an issue except that my husband is allergic to dogs. The dander caused him endless sneezing and coughing fits. We live in a small two-bedroom apartment in Queens, and it was difficult to accommodate all of us. In the end, my son and Carla decided to move out and find their own place. I think they understood the strain the situation was putting on us. While it was a tough situation, it was a learning experience for all of us.” – Maria, Queens

“When my son, Adam, told me his girlfriend was moving in, I was surprised but supportive. I always liked Emily, but I wasn’t prepared for the lack of privacy and space. Our modest three-bedroom house in Tacoma suddenly felt very small. Emily liked to practice her violin at odd hours, which added to the stress. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned. Emily eventually moved out, and while I feel for my son, it’s a relief to have our space back.” – Karen, Tacoma

“I live in a house in rural Wisconsin with my husband and two kids. Our son’s girlfriend, Beth, moved in with us due to unforeseen financial troubles. She was a good kid, respectful and friendly. But her presence altered our routine, especially the quiet early mornings I used to enjoy in our sunroom. Despite the challenges, we made it work. We laid out house rules, and I think it helped us build a solid relationship with Beth. Sometimes, life doesn’t hand you perfect situations, but you learn to adapt and make the best of them.” – Ruth, Wisconsin Your Partner in Parenting and Beyond

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