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Should Twins Sleep in the Same Crib? A Detailed Look

One of the many questions parents of twins grapple with is whether their newborns should share a crib or sleep separately. This guide explores the pros and cons of co-bedding for twins, safety guidelines, and more.

Benefits of Twins Sharing a Crib

Comfort and Familiarity

Having spent months together in the womb, newborn twins often find comfort and familiarity in sharing a crib, which can promote better sleep.

Convenience and Space Saving

Sharing a crib can be a practical solution for parents short on space or looking to simplify nighttime feedings and diaper changes.

Considerations and Risks of Co-Bedding Twins

Safety Concerns

Safety is a primary concern when it comes to newborn sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that each baby has their own sleeping space to minimize the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Disturbance of Sleep

As twins grow, they might disturb each other’s sleep due to different sleep cycles or movements.

Transitioning Twins to Separate Cribs

At some point, twins will outgrow the shared space and need to transition to separate cribs. This section outlines some tips on making that transition smoother.

Expert Advice and Guidelines

When Should Twins Start Sleeping in Separate Cribs?

Experts typically suggest that twins should be moved to separate cribs once they start rolling over, or by the time they reach three months old.

Twins Sharing a Crib: Safe or Not?

Firstly, it’s essential to consider whether it’s safe for twins to share a crib. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), it is generally safe for newborn twins to share a crib initially, as long as each baby has his or her own separate sleep area. However, they recommend that as the babies grow and begin to roll over or move around, they should be placed in separate cribs to avoid the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or accidental suffocation.

When to Separate Twins in Their Sleeping Arrangements

Understanding when to separate your twins is another crucial aspect. While many parents start with their twins in the same crib, it is generally suggested that you separate your twins into their own cribs by the time they start rolling over, typically around 3-5 months of age.

Separating Twins at Night

Regarding nighttime, the guidance remains the same. For the safety of your twins, as soon as they start to move and roll, it’s wise to give them their own space at night as well.

Sleeping Arrangements for Newborn Twins

As newborns, twins can often find comfort in being close to each other, given their shared time in the womb. Many parents choose to use a crib divider to ensure each twin has its own space while still benefiting from the closeness of their sibling.

Choosing the Right Crib for Twins

When it comes to selecting a crib, there’s no specific “twin crib” needed. Some parents start with a single crib or bassinet with a divider and then move to separate cribs as the twins grow. Ikea, among other brands, offer various crib styles that can work well for twins.

Twin Sleeping Arrangements Beyond Newborn Stage

As your twins grow into toddlers, their sleeping arrangements may change. Toddler twins can certainly sleep in the same room and often do so successfully. Still, by this age, each child should have their own bed for safety and to promote individual sleep habits.

Twins and Co-Sleeping

It’s important to distinguish between co-bedding (twins sharing the same crib) and co-sleeping (twins sharing the adult bed). The AAP advises against co-sleeping due to increased risk of SIDS and suffocation. Instead, they recommend room-sharing, where the infants sleep in the same room as the parents but on separate surfaces.

Pregnancy and Preparing for Twins’ Sleep

During your twin pregnancy, it can be helpful to plan your babies’ sleep arrangements. Whether you decide to start with a shared crib or two separate cribs, remember the key is to ensure each baby has their own safe, unshared sleeping space as they grow.

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