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Should You Quit Your Job While Pregnant? Expecting and Exhausted

Pregnancy is an exciting and challenging period in a woman’s life. For many women, the physical and emotional changes that come with pregnancy may lead them to consider quitting their jobs. If you’re pregnant and thinking about leaving your job, this article will provide some key points to consider.

The Dilemma: Pregnancy and the Desire to Quit Your Job

From dealing with morning sickness to coping with increased fatigue, it’s understandable why many pregnant women contemplate leaving their employment. However, such a decision should be made carefully, considering all the potential implications.

Understanding Why You Want to Quit

Is it the physical demands, stress, or perhaps concerns about balancing work and impending motherhood? Identifying your reasons can help you explore alternatives before making a final decision.

Financial Implications

Consider the financial aspect of quitting your job. Think about the loss of income and how it might affect your ability to cover prenatal care costs, plan for the baby’s future needs, and maintain your standard of living.

Exploring Alternatives to Quitting Your Job While Pregnant

Quitting your job may seem like the only option, but there are alternatives worth considering.

Maternity Leave

Check your company’s maternity leave policy. Some employers offer paid leave, while others may offer unpaid leave. Familiarizing yourself with these policies could help you make an informed decision.

Flexible Working Hours

Many employers are open to negotiating flexible working hours or remote work arrangements for pregnant employees. This can reduce physical strain and allow for a better work-life balance during pregnancy.

Part-Time Work

Reducing your working hours might be a suitable compromise if you’re finding full-time employment too challenging during pregnancy.

Understanding Your Needs and Rights

When should I stop working during pregnancy?

Deciding when to stop working during pregnancy is a highly personal decision that should be made based on your health, the nature of your job, and your personal circumstances.

Can I stop working at 5 or 24 weeks pregnant?

Whether or not you can stop working at 5 or 24 weeks pregnant depends on your health, financial situation, and your employer’s maternity policies.

How many hours can a pregnant woman work?

This varies based on the woman’s health, her doctor’s recommendations, and her job’s physical demands. There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Should I work full time while pregnant?

Again, this depends on your health, your job’s demands, and your personal circumstances. Many women work full time throughout their pregnancies without any issues.

Is it OK to call in sick while pregnant?

Yes, if you are feeling unwell or need a break, it’s absolutely okay to call in sick. Your health and your baby’s health should be your top priority.

Managing Challenges at Work

Why is it so hard to work while pregnant?

Many women find it challenging to work while pregnant due to physical changes, fatigue, nausea, and other pregnancy symptoms.

Can my boss deny my prenatal appointments?

Under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, an employer cannot deny reasonable time off for prenatal appointments.

What chores should you avoid while pregnant?

Tasks that involve heavy lifting, exposure to toxic chemicals, or other potential hazards should be avoided during pregnancy.

Resigning During Pregnancy

How do I write a resignation letter due to pregnancy?

Writing a resignation letter due to pregnancy is similar to writing a regular resignation letter. State the reason for your resignation, the last working day, and express gratitude for the opportunities given.

Quit my job then found out I’m pregnant. What are my options?

Options may include reapplying for your job, looking for a new job, applying for unemployment benefits, or focusing on your pregnancy and planning for future employment.

Maternity Leave and Returning to Work

What happens if you quit your job before maternity leave?

If you quit your job before maternity leave, you may not be eligible for maternity benefits from your employer.

How much is the maternity allowance?

The maternity allowance varies depending on your employer’s policies and your country’s laws.

How soon before your due date should you start maternity leave?

Many women choose to start maternity leave a few weeks before their due date, but it ultimately depends on your health, comfort, and personal preference. Your Partner in Navigating Pregnancy and Beyond is an invaluable resource for all your pregnancy-related questions, and it doesn’t stop there. When your little one arrives, we offer guidance on everything from sleep training to building routines. Learning about your baby’s sleep patterns can also provide you with more personal time, which could be beneficial if you choose to continue working.


Wanting to quit your job while pregnant is a feeling many women experience. However, it’s important to explore all your options and consider potential implications before making a decision. Remember, support is available, whether it’s from your employer, loved ones, or online resources like Pregnancy might be challenging, but it also brings a whole new world of joy and fulfillment.

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