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My Twins are Geminis! What to Know

If you have twins who are both Geminis, you have double the fun. But could it also mean double trouble? Here’s the good and the bad about Geminis as a zodiac symbol.

It’s Twin Time

Twins are the sign of Gemini, which is the sun sign for anyone born May 21 to June 20. You’re going to have your hands full. Having twins of any sign is a lot of work. You have to double up on everything.

On the plus side, it means only having to go through pregnancy, sleepless nights, birthday parties, and baby shopping once. You get two for the work of one. It’s not a bad tradeoff.

Twins share an unbreakable bond. As your little Geminis grow, they will always have each other for support and companionship.

What’s the Gemini Personality Like?

Gemini is an air sign, which means a Gemini’s moods can shift with the wind. A Gemini can go from being witty, sparkling, and fast-talking to glum and silent in just minutes. A Gemini can get intensely interested in one activity and then drop it without warning for something else. It’s like he or she has two personalities in there.

How will that play out with your twin Geminis? They’ll enjoy having each other to play with, and they will probably learn to talk right away. On the other hand, they’ll run you ragged if you don’t set some ground rules.

Fun Facts About Geminis

Here are some facts about the Gemini personality:

  • Geminis are not confrontational. They always prefer to walk away from a fight.
  • They’re fiercely loyal.
  • Geminis love to gossip.
  • They’re independent and hard to control.
  • Geminis appreciate a witty conversation.
  • They’re the ultimate smooth talkers.
  • Geminis are intensely curious.
  • Their moods can change in an instant.
  • Geminis constantly have a million ideas and thoughts buzzing around in their heads.

This air sign can sometimes seem shifty, but a Gemini child will always make you laugh. If you have two of them on your hands, count your blessings. They can keep each other entertained for hours.

Tips for Parenting Your Little Geminis

According to the Astrostyles website, the Gemini child is talented, witty, and friendly, but can also be deceptive and moody. They suggest these tips for raising a Gemini.

Give them creative outlets.

Geminis are smart and talented, but they like to drift from one activity to another. They’re also very social and enjoy being around other kids. Playtime will bring out their creative side.

Encourage their technical and social talents.

Gemini kids pick up technical subjects easily. They’re also great communicators who love to talk and share stories. If you have twins, they can socialize with each other, but most Geminis also want to mix with other kids.

Be consistent about rules and regulations.

As a changeable sign, Geminis can have a hard time making up their minds. They will constantly shift from one idea to the next. This trait is the reason many people consider Geminis two-faced and untrustworthy. If you set firm rules and make your Geminis obey them, you can cut down on their tendency to be indecisive. You’ll also make them feel more secure.

Encourage them to tell the truth.

Geminis are good liars, and they’ll always test you to see if they’re fooling you. Let them know you’re not buying it.

Who Are Some Celebrity Geminis?

Famous Geminis include Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Colin Farrell, Prince, Johnny Depp, Donald Trump, Notorious B.I.G., Blake Shelton, and Kanye West.

According to astrologists, good careers for Geminis are public relations, broadcasting, teaching, and interpreting. These are careers where their natural ability to communicate will make them successful. Maybe your little Geminis have these careers in their future.

Enjoy Your Gemini Twin Babies

Having twins can be an amazing experience. Having twins who are also Geminis will keep you from ever getting bored. Enjoy every minute of your double blessings.

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