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My Toddler Hates Long Sleeves!

    Don’t you miss those days when you had to dress your baby? Stuffing those tiny limbs into those cute, adorable outfits. And when it was cold out, bundling them up to look like the Michelin Man only smaller.

    Yes, sir, those were the days. What? Those days? Getting a baby ready is hard. Very hard. And there is nothing even close to easy about it. But…

    The baby is now a fully mobile, independent, talking, walking, short little ball of refusal. The toddler now has opinions and wants he can communicate with you. And one of his communications to you is, he hates to wear long sleeves.

    Getting the baby ready to go out was easier. The baby is now a toddler on a mission. To show his independence and learning to push boundaries. And he is adamantly against certain items. Long sleeves are just the beginning.

    Parents have lots of hope and aspirations for their children. But right now, at the being choosy stage, nerves are wearing thin.

    Before you are at odds with your toddler, take a step back. Grab a coffee, and maybe by the end of our article, you will have some information. And maybe an answer to why your toddler hates long sleeves.

    Maybe He Has Issues With Something Around His Wrist

    Some children hate to have anything around their wrist. They can’t stand it when the ‘balloon guy’ in the park ties their balloon to their wrist. They hate when the amusement park people strap those color-coded wrist bands to them. They do not want anything touching their wrist.

    The ‘wrist issue’ would also include long sleeves. Most long-sleeved t-shirts have an elastic band at the wrist. Examine the child’s clothing in question. Are the wrist bands wide and tight?

    If they are, shop around for long-sleeved t-shirts with narrow, looser wrist bands. Your worries may be over. If not, read on.

    Is the Climate Right for Long Sleeves?

    If it’s a bit warm outside, he or she may just be hot. Children are like adults. Some run hot, some cold. If your child has a hot nature, to begin with, then long sleeves won’t get it.

    However, if the weather is a bit cool or even cold, let them go with short sleeves. Perhaps if they get cold outside, they may request the longer sleeves.

    Also, try to get shirts with whatever they are into. Truck, tractors, Barbie, whatever they like. Surely there are some long-sleeved shirts with these items on them.

    Offer Some Variety

    Suppose your toddler is not into long sleeves. Let him or her pick out which shirts they want to wear. Layout several shirts to choose from and let them pick the one they want. Give them lots of variety to choose from.

    While giving them a variety of shirts, begin to limit the number of short sleeve shirts to their selection. And of course, increase the number of long-sleeved awesome shirts in their favorite colors!

    Since your toddler is now a walking, talking miniature person, take them shopping for their shirts. But have a battle plan. Go to the store you will be taking them to and find out where all the long-sleeved shirts are and where the short-sleeved shirts are.

    Strategically enter the store and go straight to the long-sleeved shirts. Try to position yourself where they can’t see the short-sleeved ones. Then you can announce there are only long sleeves to choose from. But they can have any of them they want.

    Children love those words. When you tell them they can have anything they want, regardless of what it is, they feel victorious.

    “Mom caved in and let me have anything I wanted in these cool new shirts!” Win-win.

    Roll the Sleeves Up

    Some people wear long-sleeved shirts and push the sleeves up to the elbows. I know because I am one of them. I always buy long-sleeved shirts. I have a since high school.

    Try showing your toddler a long-sleeved shirt is a short-sleeved one in disguise.

    Also, try the three-quarter length sleeves. These are usually found on the jersey type shirts and have a white (usually) body part with different colored sleeves. It’s both long and short-sleeved.

    Ask Them Why They Don’t Like Long Sleeves.

    Remember, we are dealing with a toddler. They are just learning the nuances of communication. Try asking them why they hate the long sleeves. You might just get a very logical answer. A kind of ‘ask and ye’ shall receive’ situation.

    If you get no answer from them, keep trying. Eventually, they will answer you. It may be a response to quit asking questions, but they will respond. One way or another.

    The whole long sleeves issue is most likely to run its course. Just like other phases they go through, next week, they may hate short sleeves.

    Any issue concerning clothing is a very personal one. It shows they are developing their tastes and personality. Parents should encourage them in whatever they do and whatever they want to wear. Help them to be their person.

    Imitating Other Children

    If your toddler is in daycare, don’t be surprised when he or she starts to like long sleeves. When children are around other children like a daycare, they eventually bond with one or two kids. Should one kid wear long sleeves and ask them why they don’t, you may need a trip to the clothing store!

    All children love to imitate, whether it’s mom’s dad or other kids.


    So maybe they hate stuff on their wrists. Or maybe they just need to be asked about the issue. Spend time with your toddler making mental notes on every single move they make. Then transfer those notes into proactive solutions. It’s what super-parents do.

    Short sleeves, long sleeves, no sleeves, always give them love and affection.

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