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My Toddler Gets Jealous of My Husband

    Sharing your husband with your child cannot come naturally as on some occasions, your child might feel jealous. Jealousy comes as a result of insecurities. Children can get jealous when they lack attention from the person who was offering attention to them before. You need to realize when your child gets jealous of his dad before it’s too late because he might think that your husband is taking you away from him as it might lead to something else like hatred towards your husband.

    But first, you need to know where these insecurities come from, why he gets jealous of your husband, and how both of you can cope with the jealousy issue.

    Things You Can Do to Help Your Toddler

    These are the steps you can make to help your toddler to stop being jealous of your husband. They include;

    Acknowledge Your Toddler’s Feelings

    It is a fantastic thing that he has expressed the feeling of jealousy towards his dad. Acknowledge it and know that he is still a child, and don’t scold him. Instead, talk to him in a manner that he will understand you. Tell him that he is still a child, and when he grows up, he will understand how a couple does things together. You must understand that.  

    Include Him in Your Cuddles

    Your toddler might become jealous of his dad when he sees both of you cuddling, kissing, or even hugging. The simple thing to do is to include him in your cuddling; it’s that simple. Don’t make it a big issue for him; he is still young, and you can push him away; instead, make him understand the essence. He will know when he grows up. Let it be a fun thing to him, he will at some point get tired of the hugs, kisses, and cuddles you both give him, and at last, he will stop getting jealous.

    Let Your Toddler and His Dad to Bond

    Jealousy might lead to anger and insecurities. Your child might get angry at your husband all the time, and it can rise to something else. Let your toddler have some bonding time with your dad. His dad will explain some things to him, and it might help. The bond might grow to a significant friendship, which will create a positive impact on your family. You can go and hang out with your friends so that your husband can remain with the toddler to develop a friendship as well.

    Spend Alone Time with Your Toddler

    The attention that you give your toddler might be the best medicine ever. Make him realize that he matters too, and he is part of your life as well. Use most of your time with your kid to know the kind of things he likes, enjoys, and his dreams as well. Learn to be with him most of the time as he grows, and reason with him at his age. Please don’t be harsh with him; instead, befriend him. He will see that you spend time with him too, and the jealousy issue won’t rise anymore.

    Praise Him Often

    When he does something great, praise him, congratulate him on the excellent work. Let him focus on things that will engage him, and whenever you praise him, he will feel happy. Sometimes jealousy rises with idleness. He might seem idle and start focusing on what his parents are doing, thinking that he is not receiving much attention he deserves.

    Let Him Spend Time with His Friends

    Your toddler might just be lacking one thing; friendship. Having friends always helps a significant time. It would help if you let your toddler play with his friends most of the time, to distract him. He will develop child behaviors that might help him grow up instead of paying attention to what his parents do all the time. And at night, let him sleep in his room to avoid seeing his parents doing the ‘stuff’ that makes him feel jealous. Toddlers are canny, you know, but you must act smart as well.

    Jealousy can lead to frustrations at times, especially if it is within your loved ones. Learn to make your husband and your toddler be in a better position of understanding each other. You are the one to do it. Work on creating a good relationship with your family. You can do it.

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