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My Teenage Daughter Hates My Boyfriend! Now What?

As a single parent, navigating the dating world is tough. Once you find someone you can see yourself dating, the trouble is far from over.

Many single moms find out the hard way that their kids aren’t always accepting of their partners. If your teenage daughter hates your new boyfriend, you’re not alone.

Why does my daughter hate my boyfriend?

Get to the bottom of why your child hates your boyfriend. This way, you can continue to pursue your relationship while making sure to meet your teen’s needs.

Teens often dislike their parents’ new partners, but this has little to do with their partner. Your teen is likely conflicted about you dating again. Your teen may worry that being in a relationship will pull you away from them.

Teens especially want to feel like they’re the top priority in their parents’ lives. Finding a way to balance your romantic life and life at home will help ease your teen’s discomfort.

How do I address this issue?

While some parents automatically end their relationship if their children hate their partner, this isn’t the only option. Though your teen’s dislike for your partner may be valid, it likely has nothing to do with them.

Speak to your child about the reasons for not liking your partner. While your teen may have a valid reason, they likely feel insecure.

See if your teen feels threatened or displaced. With a new romantic partner in your life, they also may feel as though you’re trying to slight their biological father. If the separation or divorce is recent, this is likely a factor.

Should correct this behavior?

If your daughter privately hates your boyfriend, you may not need to publicly address the situation. However, if your teen is constantly rude in front of and to your partner, something needs to change.

While you can ignore all the eye-rolling and passive behavior, it may eventually affect your relationship.
If your daughter is taking her frustrations out on your boyfriend, you need to speak up. Correct this behavior and tell her to share her feelings in an appropriate way.

Is there more to the problem?

Your teen may have valid reasons to hate your partner. Do a little digging yourself to see if there’s more to the problem. Ask a trusted family member or friend whether or not they have concerns.

Do your own research by looking for any red flags. Do you and your partner communicate well? Is your partner nice to your children? Are there clear boundaries in place for your family and your romantic life?

Analyzing your relationship and putting yourself in your child’s shoes will give you a clearer idea of the problem.

Making your daughter feel included

While you can’t force your teenager to like your boyfriend, you can help her feel better about your decision. Make your daughter feel more included in your relationship and personal life as a whole.

Speak with your daughter about her concerns and let her know that her feelings are valid. After this conversation, see if she’s willing to spend time with all three of you. This way, she’ll be able to get to know your boyfriend better.

Try spending time doing something non-threatening. Whether you go to the park or go out to eat, choose something simple. Taking some time to center your child’s needs will go a long way.

Investing in your relationship with your daughter

In addition to having your teen spend time with your boyfriend, make sure you have one-on-one time with her. If she feels left out of your life because you’re dating again, show her that this isn’t true.

Make space for mother-daughter time in your schedule. Show your daughter that no matter how old she gets or who you’re dating, you’ll always be there.

Though the two of them may not get closer overnight, your daughter may eventually warm up to your boyfriend. Remind your daughter that no partner will change how you feel about her.

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