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My Teenage Daughter Acts Like a Baby!

    Growing up is hard to do, especially if your teenage daughter wants to act like a baby. While most teens are in a hurry to grow up, their actions don’t always communicate this.

    Oftentimes, teenagers want the freedom of adulthood without the responsibilities. If your teen is acting like a child, it’s time to help her grow up.

    Why is my teenage daughter acting like a baby?

    As teenagers tunnel through adolescence, their minds, bodies, and emotions are always changing. As a result, their behavior may change from day to day.

    If you notice that your teen is exhibiting immature behavior and acting like a baby, dig deeper. Acting like a baby can take on many different forms. From throwing temper tantrums with parents to ignoring friends, this level of immaturity isn’t uncommon in teenagers.

    If your teenage daughter often acts immaturely, it’s important to put a stop to this behavior. It’s likely your teen is acting out when things don’t go her way. Failing to correct this will stunt her emotional growth throughout adolescence.

    How can I correct immature behavior?

    If your teen is immature, experts recommend working on self-regulation skills. Your teen’s natural response may be to get angry or upset when things don’t go her way. Teaching her to advocate for herself while staying calm will help her overcome this.

    Likewise, teaching your daughter how to negotiate is important in correcting her behavior. As your teen learns to express herself appropriately, she’ll be better equipped to regulate her emotions and actions.

    Understanding your teen’s development

    As teens’ brains grow, their ability to think critically expands. While this is an ongoing process, it won’t happen instantly.

    During this process, your teen likely has a strong craving for freedom. Teens often want what they want and may act out if they don’t get it. If your teen throws a tantrum or gives you the silent treatment, they’re reverting to juvenile behavior to get a point across.

    Make sure you understand your teen’s developing brain while you try to get her to grow up. As she realizes she wants more freedom, let her know that this freedom comes with certain expectations.

    How do I get my teenager to be more responsible?

    Help your teen understand that adults get the freedoms they do because of the responsibilities they have. If your teen wants to live like an adult, she needs to act more responsibly.

    Give your teen a talking to about what you expect from her. The more adult privileges she wants, the better her behavior needs to be. Give your child the opportunity to show you how she’s maturing. Whether you give them weekly chores or suggest she gets a part-time job, these activities will help your child become more responsible.

    Likewise, allowing your teen to make choices will help her mature. If she makes the wrong choice, she’ll need to live with the consequences and learn from her mistakes.

    Can I trust my teen?

    Your teen is likely more grown-up than you realize. If she constantly acts like a baby, it’s tempting to treat her like one. However, this may negatively affect her.

    While it’s not easy to trust your child when they’re acting irresponsibly, you’ll need to eventually. Earning your trust is an important step in becoming more responsible. Trust your daughter with little responsibilities at first. For example, asking her to cook dinner is a great way for her to prove that she’s growing.

    Just as you should trust your teen, you should also have punishments as well. If she does poorly in school or disrespects her family members, discipline her. While this may cause her to get upset, it will inspire her to improve her behavior.

    Acting like a baby is likely only an act for your teen. Helping your daughter process her emotions and thoughts will allow her to emotionally mature as she prepares for adulthood.

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