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My Sister Is Obsessed With My Baby

    Babies are just so adorable from when they are born into this world. They look so beautiful and helpless at the same time. It could be one of the reasons mothers are often mesmerized by their babies.

    As the baby’s mother, you want to be near your child at all times. For a single moment that they are out of your sight, you begin to get anxious. You can’t wait to go back to where you have left them. Of course, this feeling dies away with time. But until then, it burns within your big heart, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. This feeling is more robust if you have given birth for the first time. You need not feel guilty about it because it is common in all women.

    The baby may not always attract your attention only. Anybody who knows you want to hold the baby in their arms and be childish with them for some time. Of course, this is normal also, except for some people who become too possessive. Their actions make you feel like they want your baby all for themselves.

    Your sister’s obsession with your baby is the focus of this article. However complicated it may seem, you will find out why the habit and how you can remedy the situation.

    Defining and Understanding the Obsession

    Before you accuse your sister of obsession, let us first check if she qualifies, based on its meaning. It will help you know whether you are right or wrong about your sister.

    When a person is said to be obsessed with someone or something, they have lost control over their feelings. Now let’s bring our point home.

    Your sister is obsessed with the baby, such that she’s lost control over her feelings for your baby. Now that we have defined what obsession is let us identify some of the characteristics you should watch.

    She Turns to Hear Your Baby

    Babies enjoy exploring this new world. So when they are playing by themselves or moving around the house, they produce certain sounds. You should expect this behavior. Therefore you should not expect the sounds to draw any attention. If anything, you will only check if your baby is safe.

    However, if your sister turns to look at your baby every time they make a sound, this could raise eyebrows.

    Constantly Speaks of Having a Baby

    While it is customary to admire someone else’s baby, this also has limits. Your sister may talk to anyone who can hear her, telling them that she wants to have a baby too. If this happens, it could be a sign that she is obsessed with your baby.

    Social Media Posts

    In this digital world, people post pictures together with messages for many reasons. But most of the time, people post whatever excites them, so much like spending time with the people you love.

    If your sister posts countless pictures of your baby together with her, this could be a point of concern.

    If you have seen your sister possessing the characteristics described, then that means that she is indeed obsessed.

    Reasons for Your Sister’s Obsession

    Your sister may be obsessed with your baby for the following reasons.

    The gender of your baby could be different from her baby’s. If she has a baby girl while you have a baby boy, this could trigger her obsession. It could be that she has always wanted to have a baby boy.

    If she is married and she has no children, this can be another reason. Every woman wants a baby. Seeing you with your baby can make her feel empty. And this emptiness can only be filled by the presence of your baby in her life.

    The obsession with your child may also be a way of getting distractions in her life. She might be going through some challenging times. Her coping way may lead her to focus all her energy on your baby to get comfort and consolation.

    No Cause for Alarm

    Whatever reasons that may trigger your sister’s obsession with your baby, do not stress out. 

    The fact is that she loves your baby just as you do. Instead of being worried, you should be happy that your baby has found a place in your sister’s big heart. If she’s troubled, she’ll find a way of letting you know with time.

    However, the good news is that if your sister’s obsession annoys you, give it some more time. The habit will gradually go away as your baby grows. 

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