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My Professor Wants to Sleep With Me

    Students endure many challenges right from the time they begin their early education. You meet students who feed on bullying their fellow students and teachers who behave strangely. At first, you don’t understand because you are still young and immature. Your conscience is still in its innocence.

    You go through junior high, then senior high through to the university. But by this time you already know a lot. You do not need someone to join any dots for you. Despite that, there are some experiences that you may not have interacted with as you were growing up.

    By this time, the average man or woman is romantically involved with someone. That person is so dear to you. You tell them what you feel and how you think about anything. Practically, that person knows you more than your parents since you may have even slept together.

    But here comes a situation where your professor wants to be involved with you sexually. How do you deal with that? You know that it is wrong. You probably don’t like the idea of sleeping with your teacher. How do you reject the proposal without causing damage to your studies? It is a very confusing situation. You feel like you need someone to talk to and listen to their suggestions.

    This article will give you all the answers that you seek. The suggestions given here have helped other students who have been in the same boat as you are. All you need to have is the will to put the mess to an end. But first, let us look at some facts.

    Why You Are Where You Are

    There are only two reasons that can explain why you are in this situation. You may have brought this upon yourself. There is no way a professor in his right mind will tell you that they want to sleep with you. There has to be a cause. A good number of students who have put forth this issue have confessed that they were somewhat responsible. It could be that you have been flirting with the professor.

    If you are entirely innocent, that could be another cause. People do misinterpret messages. It could be that your professor has been making advances, and your reactions though innocent, may have encouraged him. You are not to blame if at all, this is the case. Bosses have taken advantage of their unsuspecting workers, too, among other instances.

    Is It Illegal?

    It is not illegal for a professor to be romantically or sexually involved with his student. Many married couples began their relationships this way. As long as the relationship is between two consenting adults, there is no big deal about it.

    But because of conflicts of interest that may result, learning institutions have adopted rules and regulations to curb it. When a professor is sleeping with a student, that will positively affect that particular student’s grades. The student will receive what is not rightfully theirs.

    If the university finds a professor guilty of an affair with his student, he risks committing occupational suicide.

    What You Should Do

    If you have a conscience, you should not be sexually involved with your professor. It is neither healthy nor safe for you. Now that you have reconciled with that fact let us look at some suggestions that will help you.

    There are only two ways to get around this matter: the easy way and the hard way.

    The Easy Way

    You should choose the easy way if you feel that you are responsible for the whole mess. Maybe you are attracted to your professor, and you think it would be unfair to report him to the institution. That is a genuine concern. So how do you go about it?

    Request for a meeting with the professor. It would be best if you chose to meet in public for safety issues.

    In the meeting, apologize to the professor for giving him a wrong impression. Tell him that you are not interested in having a romantic or sexual relationship with your mentor. Once you have laid the facts on the table, turn around and leave.

    The Hard Way

    Consider taking the hard way if you feel the professor is unethical and unprofessional. You don’t need to schedule a meeting with him in this situation. Instead, gather text messages, print emails from the professor, which are likely to support your accusation.

    Once everything is ready, schedule a meeting with the Dean, and report your professor. A panel will look into your case, and if the professor is found guilty, the university will kick him out. End of your trouble!

    Before you choose the hard way, think critically. Consider the possibility of the professor going scot-free. Power is a significant determinant. You might lose to the patriarchy, which will bounce back on you. If that happens, you will go through hell in the university. Choose dialog wherever possible if you want a win-win ending.

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