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My Professor Treats Me Differently

    Learning institutions such as colleges are among the places where fairness and equality are observed at their highest. All students have equal rights and responsibilities in college regardless of their social backgrounds. For this reason, they deserve equal treatment from their professors. However, it is not surprising to come across a situation where your professor treats you differently. This means that your professor either treats you better or unfairly as compared to other students. Either way, this may scare you, and you wonder why you are receiving the different treatment, whether positive or negative. Here is comprehensive information on some of the reasons why your professor treats you differently and what you should do about it.

    Why Does My Professor Treat Me Differently?

    It is disturbing to realize that your professor treats you better or worse than your classmates. If your professor treats you better than your classmates, they may have a special interest in you. This happens mainly if they know you outside class. In this case, you will realize that they want the best for you and give you special attention in class. Additionally, they will be willing to give their time and teach a concept you are not comfortable with. 

    It is also possible that your professor treats you better than other students because they have a crush on you. Although this is illegal in college, they probably developed feelings for you and cannot hide them. As a result, they show you a particular interest in the class and try to create more time outside the classroom.

    On the other hand, your professor may treat you unfairly compared to how they treat your classmates. Such a teacher can make it hard for you to survive in college. In most cases, the professor develops a negative attitude towards you because you are always on their wrong side. For instance, maybe you are always late for their class or always catch you on the wrong path. Additionally, poor performance will make the professor maltreat you. After you realize why your professor treats you differently, it is easier for you to know the way forward.

    What Should You Do if Your Professor Treats You Better Than Others?

    If your professor treats you better than others because they want you to succeed, you are a lucky student. Do not kill their spirits but instead, show them that you appreciate their interest in you. This way, the professor becomes your friend, and they can help you even with personal issues that you may need their advice on. Additionally, your professor may treat you better than others because they have a crush on you. In this case, the professor will give you special treatment to try and win your interest.

     When you realize that your professor has a crush on you, do not make the mistake of loving them back and starting a romantic relationship. This would have severe repercussions for both of you. Instead, make it clear that you only need a professor-student relationship and not a romantic relationship.

    What Should You Do When Your Professor Treats You Unfairly?

    Your professor can make your time in college one of the worst times you have when they mistreat you. They may always pick on you even when you are not in the wrong. They may also deny you a grade that you deserve. In such a situation, the best thing to do is to find out why the professor has this kind of attitude. You can try to change their attitude through ways like changing your behavior in class. Please pay attention to their discussions and answer as many questions as possible. Additionally, complete your assignments in time and answer all questions thoroughly. Be honest with them if you forget to do your homework and always ensure that you have a valid reason.

    Show good manners such as showing up in class in good time. Additionally, if the professor corrects you, do not talk back to them but instead accept the correction and act accordingly. If such efforts do not stop the professor from treating you unfairly, talk to them about it, and identify the problem and its solution.


    A professor who treats you differently can make your college life miserable. If they treat you better than other students, this may affect your relationship with your classmates. On the other hand, if they treat you unfairly, it could affect your subject’s performance. Use the information above to help you work on your relationship with your professor and get treated like the rest of your classmates.

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