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My Professor Hasn’t Graded Anything

    Some professors delay grading both class assignments and exams. It makes the students anxious because they are not sure how they are doing in class. Students find it annoying when they have to meet a specific deadline, and some of the professors don’t accept late assignments.

    While it is suitable for a professor to publish grades and give their students feedback, they don’t need to put up the grades a few days or weeks after the assignment. The professor’s only deadline is to meet the registrar’s deadline for every end of the semester. Read on to know the grading process, the deadline, and how you can get your grades up.

    Grading Is Usually Outsourced

    Suppose the professor has a large class. It’s most likely they aren’t the ones to do the grading. There is a group of graduate students that are low-paid to do the grading. Most of these graduates’ students are hired only to grade the written assignments, and they are likely not known to anyone in the class. You may see some teaching attendants, but they are likely not to do any grading.

     Some professors with fewer students can manage to grade the students either by going through the written work or putting a grading system. The grading system is where the professor sets up a grading scale determined by going through some papers. Other professors are happy to give their work to be graded by a delegate of graders, and they may never set an eye on any of the class assignments.

    It’s Not Personal as You May Think

    It is easy to grade objectives questions with single or multiple choices that have short answers. You can tend to think it’s easy as well to grade essay papers. Reading a total of fifty essays, all under the same topic, takes time to check every detail. But a professor who has extensive knowledge of the material can distinguish between students with an excellent understanding of the course. Those who sort the points have no idea of what they are talking about in the essay.

    The Professor may not read the whole essay but will check some critical points while grading, and it can take time, especially considering the professor has regular work with other classes. Professors can also help each other with grading, and this does not affect the grades. Now that you have an idea of grading, there are reasons why your professor has not graded any work, even though you are in the third month of the semester.

    Grading Is Not a Priority

    Grading is not a priority for any professor. They have more work on their hands like research, sitting on various committees, and helping run their daily activities. The professors also have a life of their own from work. Procrastination is another reason why your professor may be delaying grading. Professor has their deadline as to when they should have put up the grades, and the policy varies from different universities. Unless the deadline is fast approaching, it will not be a priority.

    All You Want Is the Grade

    Every professor knows that the only thing a student wants to see is just the grades after spending a lot of time going through your assignments and essays, giving feeding whenever applicable. They know and see that no one takes note of the feedback. Everyone is looking at what grade they scored without any interest in where they need to improve. Some students get angry towards the professors when awarded low grades. They give the professor all sorts of names and, at times, make the classes hard to teach. If all you want to see is the grading, then you may have to wait longer.

    It Takes Time

    Your professor is maybe taking their time to go through every written assignment before they can grade it. They can only do a little at a time and more work piles as they work along. They will not grade any work unless they are through. It will be unfair to grade some students, while others have to wait for weeks or months to get their grades up.

    You don’t need to worry if your Professor hasn’t graded anything yet. There is a reason why they haven’t, and it will not affect your overall grading. They have their limits too and work around the clock.  Grading is not fun, and it takes time to read through written work. It’s not their main priority, and they work according to the deadline set by the institution. You can try to talk to the professor if you feel like you need to see previous assignments’ grades.

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