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My Professor Has a Crush on Me

    There are several rules to follow in college, and one of the principal rules is that you respect your professors. Respecting your professor concerns how you behave around them and how you talk to them. Additionally, it is unacceptable that you have a romantic relationship with your professor. Unfortunately, some professors make the situation challenging for you when they have a crush on you. This may scare you as the student, especially given the repercussions of being in a romantic relationship with your professor.

    On the other hand, if you create war with the professor, it may affect how they grade your work. Therefore, you need to act carefully to avoid making the situation more complicated. Here is more information on how to react when your professor has a crush on you.

    Signs That My Professor Has a Crush on Me

    Given your age difference and the fact that it is illegal to date a student, your professor will indirectly show their interest. They will send signals that you may miss. For instance, you may realize that the professor is more accommodating with you as compared to you. You may miss deadlines with lame excuses, but they will not treat you as they treat other students. Additionally, a professor interested in you will give you higher grades than you expected. You will also notice weird and suggestive comments in your papers.

    A professor who has a crush on you is also ready to offer extra time to help you understand concepts you have a problem with. During this time, when they are tutoring you, they may come up with more personal topics. Other professors will directly tell you that they like you. Others will have suggestive comments, such as complimenting your dressing or on a new hairstyle.  

    Should I Date My Professor?

    Finding out that your professor has a crush on you can be fluttering. Seeing that they chose you among all the other students in your class or college makes you feel good. It is also tempting to accept their offer and start dating them. However, having a crush on your professor or even dating them is one of the riskiest things you can do in college. Some of the reasons why you should not consider dating your professor are:

    Your Relationship Is Unequal

    A relationship only works when both parties are equal. If you are dating your professor, you will have an unequal relationship, whereby the professor has more powers. They have power over your grades, meaning that they can grade your work based on your relationship situation. Additionally, if the relationship ends on bad terms, the professor could use their position to get revenge.

    The Relationship Could Cost You Your Position in the Institution 

    Professor and student relationships are not allowed in colleges. The repercussions of this relationship are such as getting expelled. The professor could also lose their job. As much as you are dating in secret, your little secret could come out and have profound effects. The advantages of dating your professor are not worth the consequences faced in the long run.

    It Affects Your Studies

    If you spend time outside class with your professor, it is hard to concentrate when teaching. Additionally, when you are dating, they will give you special treatment. Although this seems to make your studies more manageable, it ends up causing more harm than good. Your studies are highly affected in case you broke up or if another professor replaces the one you are dating.

    How Should I React When My Professor Has a Crush on Me?

    It is paramount to watch out how you react when dealing with a professor who has a crush on you. Being rude to them will make them revenge in ways such as giving you a low grade. Therefore, approach the professor and clarify that you are not willing to be in a romantic relationship. If this does not work, you can inform the dean about the annoying professor. Ensure that you keep evidence to prove the interest since you may need to prove it if the professor denies your claim.


    Being romantically involved with your professor is one of the greatest mistakes you can make as a college student. This is because a sexually charged environment is not suitable for effective learning. Use the information above to help you deal with a situation where your professor is romantically interested in you.

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