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My Professor Flirts with Me

    Flirting with someone you respect can be embarrassing, especially if you’ve not been interested. If your professor flirts with you, they’ll try all the possible means to attract your attention. Your professor might send messages or call you often. At times they’ll give you special attention in class. It’s upon you to decide whether to flirt back or to stop them. In a real sense, you shouldn’t flirt with your professor because you can lose track of your studies. Then how do you stop your professor from flirting with you? Read along to know the tips you can use to stop your professor from flirting.

    Avoid Close Contact with Your Professor

    If you realize your professor has some interest in you, try to avoid any close contact. If you maintain them closer, it will give them a chance to pursue you more. Avoid going to your professor’s office. Suppose they invite you over. It would help if you also distanced yourself in a class by at least seating in between other students so they’ll not reach you easily. If you avoid close contact with your professor, they will notice you have no interest in them and stop the flirting.

    Show Hints of You Being in a Relationship

    One best way to put off someone who’s flirty is to show them that you’ve someone special in your life. Now that your professor is flirting with, you can either tell them you have a boyfriend or girlfriend whom you value. You can resort to spending much of your time together, especially if the professor is around. Suppose you don’t have a boyfriend, look for a fictional one who can act the role well. You can get a classmate who you’ll spend most of the time with. Ensure you keep close eye contact with your soulmate to show how close and connected you’re.

    Tell Your Professor to Stop Their Advances

    If you don’t love the fact that your professor is flirting, you stop them. You can approach them privately and explain yourself. Remember to give your reasons why you don’t want to flirt and stand by them. Talking to your professor about the issue can help you clear the air and make them give you the space you want. It would help if you understood that student-professor relationships are prohibited in most colleges. So, if you get flirty with your professor, it can make you face the consequences. Be courageous enough, and tell your professor to stop flirting with you and remind them of the consequences of such actions. Be honest and tell your professor you don’t have an interest in them but in a polite manner.

    Don’t Flirt Back 

    It’s your professor who flirts at you and not vice versa. Remember, you also have no interest in their flirts, so why not ignore them. If your professor is flirting with you, they’ll send signals to attract your attention. Maybe they’ll use non-verbal cues or blatantly show you their interest. If you respond to their gestures or meet them after an invitation, it means you’re flirting back. Now that you’re not into your professor’s flirtations don’t flirt back. You can avoid looking at them when they start using flirtatious body expressions. Suppose your professor prefers commenting on your look every time you meet; don’t respond. 

    Discuss Your Professor’s Behavior with a Close Friend

    If your professor’s flirting behavior is annoying you, tell your best friend. Let your friend be someone you trust and mature. Tell your friend about the professor’s flirting and how you don’t like it since they can save your back. It could also be that your friend has seen the signs your professor is sending you but unsure of your reactions. If you open up to them, they’ll help you stop your professor from flirting with you. Your friend will avoid the professor and even refuse to respond to their advances on your behalf.


    Flirting is a two-way thing you either have an interest in or not. The main thing that will show that you don’t interest in your professor’s flirtatious behavior is how you respond. To stop your professor from this unprofessional behavior, avoid any close contact with them. You can also tell them to stop the flirts or show some signs that you’re in a relationship. Don’t forget your friend can save your back, so discuss the matter with them.

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