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My Professor Failed Me on Purpose

    Everyone deserves what is rightfully theirs. In education, just as in life, you choose to pass or fail in your studies. In some instances, students contribute to their failure based on their efforts in school. If you don’t show any interest in studying, the law of the universe will give you what you deserve too.

    If your failure is a result of the professor’s unfairness, that is another issue altogether. You are not the only one who has had problems with their professor failing them deliberately. And sadly, you are probably not the last one too. Nobody goes to school and spends all their efforts in the study to have their grades unfairly given. That is very frustrating, primarily because your professor is your senior. How do you approach this situation?

    That is the topic that this article is focusing on clarifying. So, if you are in this mess, be sure to find answers to your questions. Here you will get information on what to do to prove your accusation, but only if it’s true. You will also learn the procedures you can take to see to it that you get justice. Follow on!

    Does It Happen?

    Upon hearing of your case for the first time, one would think that you are making excuses for your failure. While this can be the case since that is the common excuse in students, professors have been guilty as charged. Like you, the professor is also human with feelings and is prone to err.

    So, in short, this has happened to many students in learning institutions. It is a virus that is spreading fast in almost all institutions in the states. But that does not mean that it is right. Even those professors will not like it if, in their courses, they had to go through this experience. But for some reason, they still do it. Isn’t that mind-blowing?

    Policies Matter

    But this also depends on the policies of the institution. In some institutes, the professor will need the cooperation of about ten workers for him to accomplish that. That is because the professor is not the one who is controlling the grading process. It takes a mighty lot of hate to marshal that number of people to put you down.

    In some institutions, like the one you probably are in, the professor is the one who controls the grading. When this happens, the room for dishonesty is open. So, what should you do?

    Steps to Take

    If you are sure that your professor has failed you on purpose, you have to do something about it. It is good not to attract the attention of the teaching fraternity for the wrong reason. But keeping silent when evil has taken place, and you have seen it, makes you an accomplice to that. Because whether you like it or not, you have given hospitality to the wrong act. As a result, millions of other students will suffer like you are right now.

    Here are a few suggestions that may work for you in your case.

    Talk: The First Rule

    Talking is very fundamental for any conflict resolution. You could be wrong about your sentiments, or the professor could be. You can write an email to the professor and request a meeting with him. You can also tell them what the purpose of the talk is.

    If your professor is gracious enough to grant your request, talk to him about your matter. After all, your University allows you to challenge your grades if you are not satisfied. Tell him that you don’t understand how you failed and that you’d wish to get clarification.

    If the meeting does not answer the pre-existing questions, you can proceed to the next step. Because the sooner you get to the bottom of the matter, the better it is for you.

    Talk to the Head of Department

    When you go to the head of the department, you should have all the pieces of evidence. The evidence you present will work in your favor. The evidence you submit should include your previous results, your attendance, and your homework. If there are any other necessary papers, the superior will request you to produce them.

    If you manage to provide enough evidence to prove your case, any institution that is not biased will take action. You cannot control what happens next. The professor’s actions are unethical, and he should be ready to account for them. The laws that govern the school will handle the rest.

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