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My Professor Dropped Me from Class

    A new semester comes with a lot of things. You may be starting a new course that comes with classes and different professors. You could be missing different reasons in class, and your professor can decide to drop you from their class.

    Maybe the course is too hard for you, or your professor has a strong accent, making it hard to understand the system. Your work schedule is probably getting hectic, and you have less time on your hands to attend a particular class. Whatever the reason, you need to know why your professor has decided to drop you. Does the professor have the authority to drop you from class, and can the action be reversible?

    Learn the Institution Policy

    Most colleges and universities have different policies and guidelines. At the same time, the professors are supposed to encourage class attendance but establish the class guidelines. They may or not have the authority to drop you from their class. Each institution needs to maintain its academic standards for its reputation.

    There are outlines for every course and the penalties when you miss classes for a certain period. Some colleges may, for example, outline that failure to attend or submit your work will see you fail in that class. It is a rule in almost all higher learning intuitions. Others may give the professors the authority of dropping some students if they fail to attend and submit work for a specific time. It’s advisable to learn your school’s policy whenever you start your classes and keep reviewing them as some may change in the semester.

    Is the Cause Valid?

    What’s the actual course for your professor dropping you? Do you attend your classes as you are supposed? Do you hand in your assignment on time? Do you get late for classes very often? Once you have a good understanding of the intuitions policy, you will understand why your professor will take drastic action. It will give a better understanding of the rules you neglected and the way forward. You will also get to understand if they were justified in dropping you, or is it because of bad blood between you two.

    Seek for Help

    After the professor decides to drop you from school, they will most likely send you an email alerting you of the latest developments. You can start by looking if your professor has the power to drop you from class with the institution’s policy. If they have no jurisdiction for dropping you, then you can launch a complaint to the dean?

    If they have the control of dropping you, then you can try and talk to them. Probably you misunderstood a particular policy, especially if you are taking your classes online. Try and explain with honesty how you misunderstood and regret overlooking it. Suppose you have a genuine reason to miss class, like being hospitalized and were unable to let them know. These will need some proof like medical records detailing your medical history for the time you missed.

    Depending on the reasons that made me dropped out, your professor may decide to pardon you or stand firm with their decision. Let’s look at the various reasons a professor may choose to drop you from class.

    Failure to Attend Classes

    Most colleges state very clearly that failure to attend classes for a certain period, like two classes, will result in a fail and W for more times. Some intuitions give the professor the mandate to set their rules when it comes to handling their course. Many students overlook these policies and only learn when a professor drops them from a particular class.

    Some students fail to attend some classes or attend as they wish while others don’t attend at all. Your professor notices everything from the very active to least active in class: those who attend every class, non-regular attendees, and those who don’t at all.

    Not Submitting Your Work

    Submitting your work late can see getting some reduction in your points or getting a failure. Failing to submit an assignment can make your professor drop you from their class. It shows you aren’t interested. You can be submitting your work on time and fail to submit one test and be dropped out, of course. A different professor has a different set of rules.

    Having your professor drop you from class can be traumatizing, especially if you study on a tight schedule. However, all is not lost. You can try talking to your professor and see if they can give one last chance. Get to understand the reasons why they dropped and if they are valid. Let them know your reasons for why you missed the classes. Don’t forget to seek help before you quit.

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