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My Professor Died

My Professor Died

Death is a common occurrence, and when it happens to your professor, you are bound to experience some loss or sadness. The majority of institutions will replace a vacant position, whether it is due to death or because of some other cause.

However, some replacements may never measure up to the skills or expertise of the deceased. There remains distinct uniqueness in every individual that can never be fully replaced.

What Happens After Your Professor Died?

If your professor died, the college administration considers several factors when deciding how fast to find a replacement. In the event of a professor’s sudden death, some colleges have sufficient human resources and can fill the gap immediately.

If death occurs early in the semester, the college administration may quickly find you a new professor. However, if you have one or two classes till the end of the semester, it may take some time before a replacement professor is brought on to your class. Your class may be assigned guest professors to see you through the mourning period as you wait for your replacement.

If your professor kicked the bucket, it is not certain that you will get credit. The decision to give you credit can depend on how far into the semester the death occurred. If your professor kicked the bucket during your exam time, the college awards you a grade depending on existing policies. However, you may be to state what grades you think you would score. The death of your professor does not guarantee that you will not be automatically given a specific grade. Even so, each college is different, and there is no one fit all rule because institutions have varying sub-cultures.

If Your Professor Died, Can You Fail an Exam?

Not all of your classmates will react the same towards the death of your professor. However, if you loved being in your deceased professor’s class, you may become emotional and sad.

You can be nervous in your next exam since you may not be familiar with how your new professor sets exams. You can panic during your exam because you don’t know the expectations of your current professor. 

These emotions and anxiety may affect your overall performance. However, if you stay calm and focused, you can move forward successfully from where your late professor left.

After Your Professor Died, Can Your Grades Be Accessed?

The majority of learning institutions store student information on both soft and hard copy. Depending on how meticulous your late professor was, your grade records can be retrieved easily.

It is a typical college policy for every student to have a yellow folder. All your assessment records have to be in a central place to ensure easy retrieval of your academic results. Your college may also have a central information system where students’ academic assessments are recorded. Other institutions also have installed learning management systems that allow you to access class resources and submit assignments.

After your professor’s death, you will likely access your grades through either a manual or an electronic platform.

What Do You Do After Your Professor’s Death?

After your professor’s demise, your college administration may allow you one or two days to mourn. Even if this provision is not available, it may be inevitable for you not to miss your professor’s absence. It is also an act of courtesy for you and your classmates to offer your late professor’s family condolences.

It is good to follow up with your college dean to ensure that your grades have been recorded correctly. Your classmates also need to update the replacement professor on the pending course work.


If your professor died toward the end of your semester, your college administration assigns your class a temporary faculty member to step in for the remaining lessons. Even so, a permanent replacement is inevitable though it may take a while. 

The demise of your professor does not guarantee that you will be awarded credit. The decision for grading you depends on the subculture of your college. However, when grading students, the majority of colleges will consider how far into the semester the death occurred. After your professor’s death, records of your past assessments can go through reevaluation to help determine your grade.


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