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My Mother Thinks My Child Is Hers

    Mothers are special beings in our lives. Was it for your mother? Could you have made it in life? The care and toughness of mothers are what have made us successful. After you grow, you also expect to have your babies to keep your generation alive. Your parents will be happy with your progress, but there’s always a special attachment between grandees and their grandkids. 

    In case your mother has a strong bond with your child, you’ll find it rough, bringing them your own way. Most likely, she’ll prefer using her unique way of ruling your kid. The situation can be worse when she’s staying with the child. It’s hard breaking the bond. Relax and read along to know why your mother thinks your child is hers and tips you can use to solve the situation.

    Your Mother Loves Your Child

    If your mother loves your kid, they’ll want to treat them as their own. You’ll notice that whenever she mentions your family members, she must include your child’s name. Maybe your baby is her favorite grandchild, or they remind her of someone special. That’s something great that you should be proud of as not all grandparents love their grandkids. You can strengthen the love between your mom and child and allow them to spend more time together.

    Your Kid and Mother Get Along Perfectly

    For your mother to think your baby is hers, it means something is appealing in them. Maybe your baby doesn’t wrong her, or they follow her rules without compromise. Your child could be fussy in your presence, but once your mom steps in, there will be no fight.  Your mom and baby will prefer spending most of the time together, making your mom think that’s her baby too. Now that her kids are adults, she would love to have a replacer, which is your child. But don’t worry, your kid still has you at heart.

    Your Mom Is Active in Your Child’s Life 

    Probably your mom spends more time with your baby than you do. It’s your mom who knows when your child is hungry or upset. When your kid wants to do something, you’ll see them seek permission from your mother and not you.  You can also find that your mom takes your child to school and attends all the parent’s meetings. So technically, your mom does everything for your kid, making her the mom. All the parenting duties are for your mom as you could be busy or stay in a different town. You can try and spare some time for your baby for you to bond.

    How You Treat the Kid

    If you mistreat your child, they’ll try avoiding you and get refuge from a caring person. If your mom is around where you stay, your kid will always seek solace from her. Your baby will tend to love your mom as she helps her out in hard times. The constant interactions after frustrations will make the two bond and make them love one another. And because you’re harsh to your child for personal reasons, your mother will take up the mother-roles you tend to neglect. Once she natures your baby and makes them comfortable around her, she will take them as her own child.  To prevent pushing your baby far away from you, try and treat them nicely even if their presence hurts you.

    Your Mother Wants to Live Her Dreams Through Your Baby

    When your mother realizes that her life ambitions are not met in any of her kids, she’ll look for someone to live her dreams. Don’t be surprised if that person is your kid. Your mom will want your child to follow her rules because she feels she has more experience than you. Your mother might want you to feed the kid what she approves of and take them to amenities of her choice. Doing as per her wish isn’t bad, but she’ll be doing it wrong. But given that there are a lot of changes in the current world, the rules might be outdated. You can talk to her and explain to her the new societal changes.


    It’s not strange when your mother identifies your child as their own because that’s her blood too. It could be she spends more time with your baby, or she loves them. It could also be that your mother understands your child better than you do.

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