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My Husband Thinks I’m Too Skinny

    Working on your body weight may be something personal, but it can affect your partner. Maybe your body weight and curves are some of the things that make your husband find you attractive. So, the moment to work on reducing your weight, he may not like it. So, how do you handle your husband, who feels that you are too skinny? If you are in this dilemma, read through this article to the end for tips on navigating through the situation successfully.

    Reasons for Being Too Skinny

    One can become skinny when he or she has eating disorders. The most common eating disorder associated with low body weight is anorexia. It is the type of eating habit that people develop for fear of gaining weight. It is a life-threatening eating disorder where someone starves for fear of adding weight.

    Sometimes vigorous exercises can also make someone skinny. If you do too much exercise that burns fats, you will cut weight. So, if you have been doing a lot of running and jogging, it could be the reason why you appear skinny because such exercise is known to burn calories.

    Can Being Too Skinny Affect Your Marriage?

    While losing weight is something personal, it might not work well if you are married. Some husbands like weight. It is one of the things that makes some husbands attracted to their wives. But once you lose that, there is a possibility that he may no longer find you attractive. When this happens, it can affect your intimate relationship.

    The moment your husband does not find you attractive, the desire to get intimate with you diminishes. One thing that keeps a husband and wife together is intimacy. If this is not there, the bond between the two of you weakens. When this happens, it may affect your relationship.

    How to Add Weight Without Adding Fat

    When your spouse begins to feel that you’re too skinny, it makes you feel he no longer finds you attractive. But if your husband’s comment about your body weight bothers you, then it is time to do something about it. You might even think of gaining some weight curves to please your husband. However, some other methods of adding weight are unhealthy. You will gain weight, but at the same time, you will be adding fats to your body.

    There is one better way of increasing your weight and adding curves without inviting fats into your body. You can do weight lifting exercises to help you gain muscle curves that won’t jiggle. This kind of exercise is known for increasing body weight. It helps to build muscles to make you look better. Though it is hard for women to gain muscles, with persistence, you will see the results. For better results, you can get yourself a trainer if it is within your budget.  

    How to Handle a Husband Who Thinks You Are Too Skinny

    Sometimes, there is no point in reverting back to your weight because you want to please your husband. You need to talk to him and understand why you decided to reduce that weight. At the end of the day, it is your health that is at risk. What should come first is your happiness and health.

    So, if your husband thinks that you are too skinny, you should have a serious conversation with him regarding your weight. Remember, it is about your health and happiness. No one should decide for you this. Let him see your food journal to understand where you are coming from. Assure him that you are in perfect health and happy with what you have been able to achieve.

    What to Do Before You Begin Working on Your Weight

    Since losing weight may bring friction between you and your husband, it is good that you talk about the issue first. Let him understand how crucial it is for you to cut weight. Make him know that your current body weight makes you feel uncomfortable and unhealthy, which is why you intend to reduce it. Once you reach an agreement, he won’t have an issue once you start cutting weight.


    Sometimes your partner may have no idea how you struggle with your weight, the reason why you decided to reduce it. You could have worked so hard to be where you are because it makes you feel good and healthy. However, if you are a married couple, communication may be necessary. Note that even if it has something to do with your life, it may bother the other partner if you don’t involve him or her. 

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