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My Husband Thinks I’m Too Emotional

    Being emotional is human, and every person has his or her own unique way of expressing this. It is okay to have emotions, provided that they are not interfering with your life or that of others. When a person begins to complain about your emotions, it’s because they are affecting him or her.

    When your partner begins to feel that you are over-emotional, there is probably a problem. So, what does this mean, and what could be the cause? To what extent is this likely to affect your marriage? Are there any intervention measures? Find all the answers to these questions here and much more about this subject.

    What It Means When a Person Says That You Are Too Emotional

    When a person says you are too emotional, it means that you cannot control your emotions. You probably have an emotional outburst that is affecting people around you. Note that how you express emotions matters a lot. When you are emotional, and you show it appropriately, it doesn’t affect those around you. However, when you overreact, some people may find it unbearable, including your partner.

    What Is the Cause of Heightened Emotions?

    There are various reasons why people experience heightened emotions. One cause of being too emotional is genetics. Expressing emotions is normal and happens to everyone. But being over-emotional can be linked to a genetic component. Some studies have revealed that emotion is, to some extent, genetically influenced. Though there are other factors such as social and environmental influences, one can also inherit human emotions.

    Another cause of too much emotion could be an underlying health condition like stress. Sometimes stress does take a toll on human bodies. So, when someone is feeling burned out or is stressed, that person is likely to have heightened emotions. When stress is chronic, it may impact your mental and physical health, and this may make you too emotional. Too much stress can, therefore, make your emotions run high.

    Do Heightened Emotions Affect Marriage?

    Feeling emotional is part of life and normal in marriages or long-term relationships. However, sometimes if one partner is over-emotional, it affects the other one. So, if your spouse begins to complain about you being too emotional, he is probably tired of the way you express your emotions.

    If this problem continues, it can affect your marriage. The other partner may get tired of you and decide to end the marriage or relationship. When he feels that he can’t put up with your emotions, he may decide to walk away.

    Dealing with Your Emotions

    For a marriage to work, partners need to be considerate of one another. It would help if you had some level of sensitivity. Being sensitive to the things you do can help strengthen the bond between you and your spouse. It makes your partner feel that you care about his or her feelings. 

    So, if your spouse tells you are too emotional, your way of expressing emotions is somehow affecting him. It is critical to reflect on the things that make you overreact whenever you have issues. Once you have identified them, think of a better way of reacting to situations without affecting your partner.

    If you can’t deal with this on your own, maybe you should think about getting professional help from a counselor. A specialist will help you overcome your emotions. Together you will come up with a better way of expressing them without hurting your partner.

    Something Else You Need to Know About Emotions

    Sometimes you may be extra emotional or just feel a bit emotional than others for various reasons. Provided it is justified, feeling this way is okay. Your partner may tell you not to be too emotional because he is basing this on societal standards. Don’t allow this to put you down because being emotional doesn’t mean you are weak. You are human, and this is something he also needs to understand.


    Having emotions may be okay, but sometimes it can affect your relationship with your spouse, depending on how you handle it. So, it is good to control your emotions. Note that it is perfectly normal to express them, but just how you do, it matters a lot. If managing it becomes difficult, you should seek professional help, as mentioned earlier in this post.

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