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My Husband Thinks I’m a Bad Mom

    As you wait to deliver your child, you are never at peace. You want everything to be ready, so you make preparations. Even though it’s a painstaking process, that doesn’t bother you so much because you love the idea of motherhood. And that is what keeps you going even in that hour when you have to endure the pain of childbirth. 

    Parents get anxious because they are not sure if they will become the best parents. But when the baby pops out, all this anxiety, pain, and stress are all behind you. You have a fixed mind. And your goal is to become all you possibly can to your little one. That is a resolve that will make you study about motherhood as long as you remain a mother.

    However, when you hear people criticizing your method of parenting, it may destabilize you. It is even worse when you hear the same sentiments from your husband. How do you deal with that dilemma, knowing that you are doing your best to be a good mother?

    Are you wondering whether you are a terrible parent? Are you looking for advice on how you can deal with criticism from your husband? Well, look no further, this article is a perfect match for your needs.

    What Do You Think?

    When it comes to parenting, you can never be too sure about parenting methods. Just listen to people talk about it, and you will have more questions than answers. Even on the internet, you will often meet contradicting ideas on a specific subject. But let’s narrow our query down to you? Do you think you are a bad mom?

    The following are some signs of a bad mother. Read through them with a keen eye and check if you are in there.

    You Neglect Your Child

    Children can be tough to deal with at times. They are everywhere in the place even when you want to enjoy some calm. Do you leave your child unsupervised so that you don’t know what they are doing? Do you ignore your child’s needs, making them go hungry for long hours? Do you shout at your child when they do something you consider foolish?

    If you neglect your child, that will influence the child’s brain function and emotions negatively. It will also negatively affect the child’s behavior and general ability.

    A Bad Influence on Your Child

    You are your child’s role model. Your baby learns more from you than even your husband. Because you are its role model, you then have a great responsibility resting on your shoulders. 

    Children begin to hear long before they start talking. Therefore, every word you speak, and every expression is vital. Tomorrow, when they begin to speak, you will find them using those same expressions.

    So, if you act wrong, smoke or curse, you may want to stop that.

    Pampering Your Child

    As a mother and parent, you have this strong connection with your child. As a result, you don’t want them to cry or get hurt. You don’t want them to lack anything. When you do this too much, you make your child weak and dependent on you. Therefore as they grow, they become big babies rather than adults.

    Based on the signs you have read about, do you find yourself in this category? Whether you do or not, there’s only one way to deal with the issue.

    Talk to Your Husband

    If your husband thinks that you are a bad mother, you should talk to him about it. As a good wife, you want to create the best atmosphere for such a topic. Tell him how you feel about the issue and that it was never your intention to be a bad mother to your child. You can also ask him to help you become a good mom. He should be able to tell you where you have been going wrong.

    If your husband’s allegations are right, you should work on becoming a good mom for your child. Fortunately for you, there are lots of resources on that.

    Let’s Wind Up

    Every mother desires to be the best parent they possibly can. However, you can be discouraged by your husband’s criticism about your style of parenting. Since you are ever-advancing, you should listen to his concerns since they could be true. Divided parenting is not healthy for your child nor you. After you arrive at a consensus, work on those rough edges.

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