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My Husband Thinks I Treat Him Like a Child

    It is one thing to be a great mother to your kids, but treating your husband like a child is obnoxious and irritates your husband. Yet, it is common to find this behavior among couples. It makes your husband feel degraded to be treated or regarded as a child. Even so, some partners feel comfortable and have no problem with that kind of treatment.

    Nevertheless, if you make your husband feel incapable of doing anything, your spouse will remain laid back and may not do anything. How then can you know that you are treating your husband like a kid?  Some behaviors and actions that can show you belittle your spouse include; nagging, irresponsible partner, and lack of trust.

    Constant Nagging

    Unlike children who need to be reminded all the time, grown-up men detest nagging by their spouses. If you constantly tell your husband what to do, you’re essentially reducing your husband to child status.

    You may feel annoyed if your spouse frequently forgets about shopping details. Even so, nagging can make your husband feel like a kid. Pointing out faults in your husband’s day to day life can make any adult feel demeaned. It makes your spouse feel that you don’t believe anything can be done right.

    Lack of Responsibility

    Marriage can be overwhelming if chores and responsibilities are not shared between partners. You will naturally remind your husband to do something that needs doing because chores have to be completed. It may not be your fault that your spouse feels belittled for not committing to corporate responsibility. 

    It is good to set boundaries on shared tasks so that one partner doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Not doing so can mean that you like to be in charge or that you don’t trust your partner to do anything. But outlining what each partner needs to do will ensure that you don’t become a control freak.

    Not Trusting Your Husband to Parent Your Child

    Parenting is a shared responsibility between spouses. It is demoralizing for you to doubt your husband’s ability to take care of your children. However, some men will not feel confident about being left alone with children. When given the responsibility to babysit, your husband may forget important details like changing clothes or giving your child the required vitamins. Occurrences like this can make you treat your husband like a child.

    Why Do You Treat Your Husband Like a Child?

    Treating your husband like a child is not sexy, and neither is it desired by any married man. Nonetheless, it is unavoidable to keep telling an irresponsible husband to do something that should have been taken care of. 

    It is annoying if your companion makes no effort to do something until told to.  It is no wonder that not sharing responsibility weighs you down both physically and emotionally. Apparently, it makes you look bad when you always tell your husband to be accountable. However, doing so may be the only way your spouse can realize that some work needs to be done.

    What to Expect

    Belittling your husband undermines the mental capability of your spouse. Your actions may indicate that you are controlling your partner to behave in a certain way. Most likely, your domineering behavior may not be for your companion’s benefit. 

    Over time, tension may develop between you and your spouse, which may complicate your communication.  If the situation is not resolved, your husband may withdraw and even stop expressing any relationship concerns.

    Needless to say, some partners allow the behavior of being treated like a child and do nothing to disallow it.  

    How Do You Stop Treating Your Husband Like a Child

    It helps to share responsibilities and make boundaries on your commitments. Encouraging your spouse to take charge of various family matters can help your husband feel like a responsible adult.

    Sometimes your mate can be uncomfortable because you are too controlling. This will require that you step back.  It is good to let your companion feel at ease by sharing duties.


    Continually reminding your husband to do something can be irritating, but some partners are so negligent that your only choice is to take charge. However, being domineering creates tension in a relationship. This behavior can make your spouse withdraw from doing anything for fear of not doing it right. 

    Even so, it is vital to consider professional help if your husband is extremely irresponsible. Lack of cooperation in a relationship can leave one partner overwhelmed both physically and mentally. 

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