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My Husband Thinks I Talk Too Much

    If your husband says to your face that you are talking too much, it means that you are getting on his nerves. Your spouse could be the kind of person who doesn’t like people who talk too much because he finds this irritating. If this is how your husband sees you, it is time you thought of working on your behavior.

    So, what are some of the signs that you talk too much? And can this behavior affect your relationship with your spouse? Is talking too much normal or a sign of illness? And is there a best way of managing it? To find more about the topic, and answers to these questions, ensure that you read the entire post.

    What It Means When Your Husband Says You Talk Too Much

    When your husband thinks that you talk too much, perhaps you spend too much time talking and listen less. Note that people that do much talking with zero listening capacity can be annoying. It is possible to do a lot of talking without making any sense, something your spouse may find so irritating.

    People who talk too much are insensitive and don’t care about other people. They are impulsive and always feel that they should be the ones doing the talking as others listen. They don’t know how to listen to other people.

    Signs That You Are Talking Too Much

    If you are always the one who starts a conversation and dominates it, it is a sign that you talk too much. Fair communication is when you also keep quiet to listen to what your partner has to say. If you have no patience to do this, you may be the problem.

    Also, when you start talking, your husband does not pay attention. He may put his earphones on or get busy on the phone when you begin to talk. If you notice this, it is a sign that you are talking too much, and this behavior is irritating him.

    Is Excessive Talking a Sign of a Health Condition?

    Sometimes when one has a feeling of social inadequacy, they tend to talk too much. They do it to compensate for their feelings. So, if you are talking too much, it could be that you are struggling with anxiety that you haven’t noticed.

    Excessive talking may also be a sign that you have an underlying illness like hyperactivity. According to the psychiatric Association, excessive talking is one sign that you are hyperactive. People with this condition have a problem listening to conversations.  They tend to intrude and interrupt others when they speak. Such people can also be argumentative.

    Does Too Much Talking Affect Relationships?

    Research shows that people who talk too much don’t add value to a conversation. Honest conversation in marriage is crucial when it comes to building a healthy relationship. Being sensitive when communicating is paramount. It increases the level of understanding between a couple. So, learn to manage your conversations well. If not, it may be the source of conflict between you and your spouse.

    How to Handle Your Too Much Talking Behavior

    Before you can think of handling your behavior of talking too much, you first need to identify the underlying cause. Only then can you be in a position to manage it. Identifying this on your own may not be easy. So, the help of a specialist to administer an appropriate diagnosis and treatment may be necessary. If it is social anxiety that is making you talk too much, therapies can help you overcome this.


    Talking in a relationship is healthy, provided that partners give each other the opportunity to do so. It should be a conversation where each partner gives the other one a chance to talk as the other listens. When there is this kind of communication, the conflict will be minimal. There will be no claims of the other partner speaking too much.

    However, as said earlier, this could be an illness that may necessitate specialized medical attention. Managing the condition alone without professional help may not be easy. If you have this problem and it is affecting your spouse, get help so that you can save your relationship.

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