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My Husband Thinks I Ruined His Life

    Marriage is all about happiness and contentment. Regrets come in when your spouse thinks that you are wasting his time, and he ends up blaming you that you ruined his life. Some minor mistakes will destroy your husband’s life and your marriage if you do as a wife. Once your husband’s life is shattered, your marriage is automatically ruined.

    Why Does Your Husband Think That You Ruined His Life?

    Your husband thinks you ruined his life; he is hurt, and it might be caused by some things that happened to the two of you in the past. He feels that reconciliation or forgiveness is not an option. Below are some of the things that may lead to why your husband thinks you ruined his life.

    Pay No Attention to Problems

    You are ignoring problems that you encounter as a couple that might be dangerous to your marriage. You learn by making mistakes, but nobody will; hence, blame games will begin between you and your husband whenever you pay no attention to your mistakes. You need to realize when you are wrong and be accountable for your actions. You will learn and never repeat such mistakes. On the other hand, please don’t assume that your partner knows everything about you; instead, you need to communicate with him to understand both sides better.

    Keeping Secrets

    Apart from being your husband, he should be your friend, mentor, and guide in any decision you make. He is the head of the family. Don’t keep secrets from him; he will get hurt when he finds out that it will affect him mentally or physically. Try to share your issues with him; see him as a friend and a big brother with whom you can share everything without judgment.

    Becoming Boring

    Nobody would wish to stay with a boring person, and your husband is not an exception. Be proactive, pursue your passion and dreams. Create and build a brand together, hang out with friends, try out new things, and be happy. Create time for dinner dates with your husband. The moment you do these things, you will create good memories together.

    Being Stagnant

    When speaking of stagnant, I mean lack of growth. You may ruin your husband’s life if you don’t grow mentally, spiritually, or even emotionally. You might be repeating the same mistakes you were making when you met, and it is boring to your husband; hence he might think that he made a mistake of marrying you. Learn to adjust, change, and grow. It is healthy. You can show your growth by writing down your personal goals, working on them day by day, and someday you will reach far.

    Avoiding Sex

    Intimacy is the most crucial thing between partners who are married. It is what holds couples together. Don’t say you don’t have time for sex. Stop making excuses. Your husband will be happy when you create time for the two of you. Create time, plan for a dinner date in your house, be romantic with your husband, and do it. It is healthy. Trust me, and whenever you do that more often, he will forever love you and never regret ever marrying you.

    Prioritizing on Others Instead of Your Husband

    I wonder what kind of a wife gives priority to others instead of her husband. Your husband is like a baby, and he needs attention. If you don’t give him your attention, you are genuinely ruining his life. Where do you want him to get that attention? Stop prioritizing your friends or your work. Keep this in mind, your husband is your first born baby, and of course, you will give your firstborn baby more attention than any other thing. That is how it should be.

    Having Too Many Expectations

    Learn to work for your things. Don’t burden your husband with everything. Make him feel less burdened by supporting him with some items like paying bills, house rent, or even food. He doesn’t pluck money from a tree, how it always works. It would help if you worked too. Whenever he gets to worry about many things, his health might be affected in some way. But if you support him, you won’t ruin his life since he will have fewer things to worry about.

    When you do the above things, you are giving your husband a hard time. It shows how disrespectful you are to him. It may lead to cheatings scandals in your marriage, and the obvious thing that might happen is divorce. Let your marriage be your top priority, and the rest shall follow.

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