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My Husband Thinks I Do Nothing All Day

    Being with a partner who does not recognize the kind of work you do while at home or even does not appreciate it might be fascinating. On most occasions, it is women who remain at home for some reason; she decides to be a housewife, take care of the baby, or be resting due to a health condition. But that should not give the husband a chance to look down on her by thinking that she does nothing all day. It is mean to the wife.

    Doing house chores like cleaning the house, washing dishes, doing laundry, taking care of the baby if you have one, and cooking are the most challenging job a woman can do if she remains in the house. It reaches a point that you forget about yourself as a lady, and you start focusing on being a wife and a mother.

    Sometimes, you get too busy with your baby during the day until you forget about cleaning the house. Whenever your husband arrives home from work, the only thing he sees is the messy house; toys everywhere, dishes in the sink, and unfolded clothes. He will probably think that you do nothing all day without recognizing how babysitting and breastfeeding is a work of its own.

    The Solution to What Your Husband Thinks About You

    You need to know how you deal with what your husband thinks about you, that you do nothing the whole day. There are some of the things you can do to change your husband’s perspective.

    Inform Your Husband to Understand

    One of the best decisions you can make if your husband thinks that you do nothing, then all day is by informing him about the kind of stuff you do while he is not around. Especially if you have kids, let him understand that taking care of children and doing house chores at the same time is not an easy job. He might make you feel that you are not a good wife or rather a good mother. The fascinating feeling may drive you crazy to the extent that all you do is take care of the family.

    Let Him Do House Chores

    If the first option doesn’t work, try the second solution, which is; telling him to do whatever you were doing at home, just for a day, especially on weekends. If you take this action, he will know how it feels to do house chores, taking care of the baby, and cooking. Trust me; he won’t complain ever again. It will be a fantastic lesson for him, and he will start appreciating the kind of wife and mother you are.

    Have a Serious Conversation With Him

    The final thing you can do is learn to have excellent communication between you and your husband. Have the right conversation with your husband on how you will control your house and family. The moment your husband thinks that you do nothing, the all-day shows how controlling he is on you. Don’t allow that. Have a conversation and plan to take care of the baby, do house chores, and cook. He can even chip in at some point and help if his job is convenient enough to allow him to have some free time. You can also decide to employ a babysitter to help you if your income is favorable.

    If you lack the above things, then it is clear that you won’t be happy in your marriage, and your husband will keep on controlling you. The fact that you spend a lot of time alone in the house with the kids is fascinating. They can’t reason with you as an adult. They have expectations. And you need to fulfill them, one by one, as a mother. Keep that in mind.

    But one thing you’ll never regret in your life is that you have an opportunity to raise kids. Always remember that you sacrificed all your happiness, time, and effort unto them. It is worth it. It is the best job a woman can do because it is rewarding. Seeing them smile and happy is an excellent reward to you as a mother. Don’t let the mean things your husband thinks about you to belittle you; you have a life to build, a career to work on, and a character to improve on.

    Men should always appreciate the kind of work the wives are doing. Most especially when she is multi-taxing, doing her career job while performing duties as a wife and a mother. It is not an easy job. Kudos to every woman, every wife, and every mother out there. You are a hero.

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