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My Husband Always Thinks I’m Lying

    If the very closest person who should believe in you accuses you of always lying, then no wonder you feel so broken. True love and marriage stability between a man and his wife should be built on trust’s solid foundations. By doubting you, they are questioning your suitability as a companion. Depending on how strong your relationship is, sometimes you may need to prove your spouse wrong by demonstrating that you are not a liar.

    What Could Be the Reasons Behind These Claims? 

    People do not wake one day and think so wrongly of you. So, could it be that at one point, you have been found lying, or is that your spouse doesn’t trust you, and that’s it? Generally, if you haven’t lied in any way, the last thing you should do is provide reason and justifications for the blames. And without evidence, everything is an assumption, which you shouldn’t defend. Neither should you be shaken. Instead, keeping a calm poise and demeanor will make them retrace their talk.

    Remember, the way your spouse treats you can make a huge difference in your esteem and how you relate to others in your circle. It is the reason you need to save yourself from unsubstantiated statements. Meanwhile, you could be wondering how to put a stop to this trend once and for all. Here are some suggestions.

    Sit Down and Have a Serious Conversation About It

    Could it be that you have never sat your spouse down regarding their insinuations? Then it’s about time. You can explain to him how hurting it is that they can’t trust you. Ask them to clarify the reasons behind their thinking. They will most likely offer the reasons and concrete evidence of the lies. If that is the case, then own up to your mistake, then genuinely apologize and promise not to lie again.

    But what if he merely comes up with assumptions? Then you should gently but firmly ask him to stop it. Let him know the effects of wrong assertions on your psyche and associations. The more honest and franker with each other, the quicker you can find a resolution so that the issue doesn’t crop up again.

    Find Out if Your Spouse Is Hiding Something from You

    Ever heard that a guilty dog’s bark is the loudest? Don’t be shocked if it is your partner lying. By accusing you, it makes them feel less guilty. Maybe he is cheating on you, and to divert the issue, he wants to pin it on you. In this case, ask him to come forthright if there is an issue he keeps from you. Getting him unawares with such a request /demand might do the trick, and you will be surprised at what you eventually hear.

    A Separation Might Be Their Dose of Medicine

    Suppose you are getting sick of the mistrust. Perhaps despite having spoken with your partner about your concern, he doesn’t seem to stop the pattern. Then, of course, a separation may be what might bring things into the right perspective. There is nothing as belittling as being accused of things of which you have no idea. Until your spouse comes to his senses and sees how hurting the whole episode is, time apart should be the best way to ponder and make amends.

    Consult an Experienced Marriage Counsellor to Help Build Trust

    Maybe regardless of the bad energy, both of you still want to make your marriage work? You can then seek a marriage coach’s services. A few sessions with the right professional can unearth where issues are coming from. The best thing with therapy is that an expert evaluates your marriage from a neutral point of view. Any help they offer goes a long way in making your union stronger.

    Finally, you might be surprised that most relationships do not escape such contentions from either one or both partners. But the way you handle it is what makes all the difference. For example, if you think your spouse’s words affect the union, let him know. Talk about it and see if you can solve it within the boundaries of your marriage. You can only go for drastic steps if you think there is no end to the assertions.

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