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My Child’s Favorite Color Is Black. Should I Worry?

    When a child loves a specific color, it is hard to convince him or her to switch to another. If it is a pair of shoes or clothes, they will want to repeat wearing them all the time. Sometimes, if you force your kid to take it off or choose another color, it may end in tantrums. It is an expected behavior among children.

    However, have you ever asked yourself what your baby’s preference for the color black may suggest? What does it signify, and is that a reason to worry? Well, to learn more about this topic, keep reading the post to the end.   

    Why Do Children Have a Preference for Certain Colors?

    Before children can learn the ways of adults, they tend to live in their own world, where they make their rules and decisions. It takes time for them to learn and understand how the adult world works and looks like. The same thing happens with colors.

    According to the theory of color, every kid has an attraction to the color he or she is emotionally attached to at the moment. According to child experts, specific colors make children feel good because they are calming and put them at ease.

    What Does Your Child’s Favorite Color Black Suggest?

    Apart from color having a soothing and calming effect, some colors may symbolize or represent something else. So, while your child’s favorite color may be black, it may mean something else. For instance, according to science, one of the things color black could represent is a moody personality.

    It could also signify that your child is sophisticated and has some high level of sensitivity. Although this child may not have an introverted personality, he or she may be careful with the details of his or her personal life. Such a child may not share with others what is happening with him or her.

    Is There a Need to Worry?

    Some cultures associate the black color with secrecy and darkness. They believe that it signifies bad lack and sadness too. Others see it as something that determines the emotional state of a person, like a feeling of hopelessness and depression. People from this part of the world are very keen on the kind of colors their children come to like. 

    However, people from other regions consider black color to be a symbol of strength, power, and control. Generally, a concern for black color depends on the cultural belief of a particular region. So, if your child’s favorite color is black, you will worry or not worry depending on what you believe in as far as color black is concerned. If you hail from a country or region that considers black color a symbol of misfortune or negative personality, then your worry may be justified.

    However, some are not into color-related beliefs. Such people don’t care about what their children prefer. To them, there is no good or bad color. So, every kid is free to choose the color they prefer.

    Can Children Change Preference for Color?

    What you need to know is that preference for color changes with time. Even adults happen to change their color preference in the course of their lifetime. So, if your child is currently stuck with black as his or her favorite color, there is no need to worry.

    As children grow older, they switch to other colors. According to science, preference for color varies according to age. It means that as children advance in age, they don’t stick to a specific color.

    Something Else You Need to Note

    Children get attracted to a given color based on their needs. Some kids may find the aqua, denim, or blue color soothing, while others like warm colors such as red or orange. In other words, color preference varies from one child to the other. So, if yours is attracted to black, that is what he or she finds attractive or satisfies the needs.


    Generally, there is no good or evil color. But if for some reason you feel that black is bad for your kid, you can let the child know.  However, this will work only if your child is old enough to comprehend the belief behind the color black. Otherwise, convincing the child to drop his or her preference for black color may not be easy.

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