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What To Do When Your Child Breaks a Snow Globe

When your child accidentally breaks a snow globe, it can be a confusing and stressful moment. The following guide provides practical advice on how to handle this situation effectively.

Steps To Take When A Snow Globe Breaks

First Things First: Safety Measures

Keep your child away from the broken snow globe to avoid potential injuries from shattered glass. Then, carefully pick up the larger pieces wearing protective gloves, and use a dustpan and brush for smaller shards.

Next: Dealing with the Snow Globe Liquid

The liquid in snow globes varies, but it may contain water, glycerin, or antifreeze. It’s crucial to clean up any spillage promptly to prevent possible skin irritation, ingestion, or inhalation.

Lastly: Addressing Emotional Impact

Remember, your child might be upset or scared after breaking a cherished item. Ensure you reassure them and turn this into a learning moment about the importance of careful handling of delicate objects.

Preventing Future Breakages

Proper Placement of Snow Globes

Place snow globes and other fragile items out of your child’s reach. This will help prevent breakages and potential accidents in the future.

Choosing Kid-Friendly Alternatives

Consider investing in shatterproof or plastic snow globes which are more suitable and safe for young children.

Immediate Actions Post-Breakage

Managing the Broken Snow Globe

When a snow globe breaks, the first thing to do is ensure your child is safe and away from the broken glass. After ensuring her safety, carefully clean up the broken pieces, preferably with gloves to avoid injury.

Dealing with the Snow Globe Liquid

The liquid in snow globes can be water, glycerin, or a mix of both, and sometimes contains antifreeze. While it’s usually not hazardous, it’s still advisable to clean it up immediately to prevent your child or pet from ingesting or inhaling it accidentally.

Repairing a Broken Snow Globe

Can You Repair a Broken Snow Globe?

Depending on the extent of the damage, a snow globe can potentially be repaired. However, if the glass is shattered into many pieces, it might be best to replace it.

Glues Suitable for Snow Globes

Gorilla Glue, Krazy Glue, and similar adhesives are effective for repairing glass. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the glue is thoroughly dry and the repair is stable before refilling the globe.

Refilling the Snow Globe

It’s possible to refill a snow globe with distilled water and a drop of glycerin to maintain the snow’s slow fall. If the snow itself is damaged, you can use fake snow or glitter as replacements.

Preventing Future Breakages

Given the fragile nature of snow globes, it’s advisable to keep them out of reach of children. Consider investing in plastic snow globes, which are safer for kids and less likely to break.

Is Breaking a Snow Globe Bad Luck?

While some might associate breaking a snow globe with bad luck, it’s simply an accident and not a sign of impending misfortune.

When a Snow Globe Explodes

While rare, snow globes can sometimes explode due to pressure changes or manufacturing defects. If this happens, follow the same safety measures as you would for a broken snow globe.

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Remember, while it can be distressing when your daughter breaks a snow globe, taking immediate action and prioritizing safety can help turn this into a teaching moment and maintain a calm environment.