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My Brother-in-Law Keeps Staring at Me

    Even though it is not unusual to find someone intently staring at you, and especially if you are somehow different, it is weirder if it’s your brother-in-law looking at you square in the eye. Not to project too much because, as you may realize, people do stare all the time. And the reasons could be as many as varied, so unless you suspect something sinister, you may have to call him out or ignore it.

    But what if the staring persists? According to psychological experts, eye contact that lasts for more than ten seconds can be problematic. It can make you feel odd and even shy. Of course, you may have to say something. The more you ignore, the more they may think they have a free pass to whatever they keep looking at, and that is not right. Raise your voice, and let them know you feel uncomfortable and weird. Check out some of the immediate actions you can do to stop the staring.

    Bluntly Notify Your Brother-in-Law Whenever They Stare 

    The next time you catch your brother-in-law intently staring at you, do not waste any moment to let them know what they are doing. If you are the shy type, then look back at them and smile. You can then swiftly look away. This trick communicates massively by letting them know that they are being rude. You can also look back at them, raise an eyebrow, and then concentrate on something else. If it takes you to make the craziest face for them to learn a lesson, then so be it. Generally, your body language, including occasional frowns, should pass the message that you are unhappy about how they keep staring.

    Hold an Honest Discussion to Know Why They Are Staring

    Do you know not everyone realizes when they are staring? It could come as a shock to your brother-in-law that they are staring when you raise the subject. Maybe they have been absent-mindedly ogling without knowing the harm they have been causing. They could also be truthful to tell you the very reason behind it all. Perhaps they are crushing on you, or something different about you that draws their intent curiosity. Mostly it would be great for you to know and resolve the issue once and for all.

    Ignore Any Future Staring Episodes

    Assuming that your brother-in-law keeps staring at you even after showing them you dislike it, then you may as well not pay attention to those expressions. Some people feel this is a much better way of passing the message rather than make eye contact or verbalizing their displeasure. Usually, you would have chosen your unique way of communicating, and it is not as if you are letting them get away with the weird behavior.

    Swiftly Move To Another Place

    If you continue to feel uncomfortable, then permit yourself to walk away from your brother-in-law’s presence. In case you are in the same room, you can decide to switch seats so that you do not have to suffocate with the bad behavior anymore. If they are keen enough, they quickly realize that they are causing you discomfort.

    Apply Positive Self Talk to Cope with the Staring

    Perhaps you are not the argumentative type, and neither would you want to cause any drama because someone keeps staring at you. So, what is left for you to do? The only way to reassure yourself is positive self-talk. For example, you may decide that perhaps your brother-in-law is just curious, hence the staring. You may imagine that they have never seen someone like you, and maybe the differences you present are the reason for the curiosity.

    In conclusion, how you choose to respond to your relative’s gawking behavior is entirely up to you. However, you also need to know that staring is rude. It is an odd and sometimes harassing action that you should try to stop. Some people may not quickly click if you decide to ignore them, and they will persist. Possibly verbalizing your displeasure could be the way out. Or, if you decide to move away, they may immediately get the hint that you are not up for the games.

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