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My Brother-in-Law Is Jealous of My Husband

    Sibling rivalry and jealousy has been in existence since ancient times and continues to be experienced in modern society. It has become commonplace for siblings to be jealous of each other over various issues.  This can cause problems within the larger family, which may be painful and difficult to resolve.  

    If your brother-in-law is jealous of your husband, it can affect your relationship with your husband’s brother and other members of the family. An envious person will try to bring you down. This resentful act by your brother-in-law is what makes most jealous people happy.

    Why is Your Brother-in-Law Jealous of Your Husband?

    Jealous people often have feelings of insufficiency. An envious relative may be dealing with emotional conflict on the inside. Your brother-in-law may be jealous of your husband because of the inadequacy of getting to a certain level of achievement. This envy is fueled by your brother-in-law’s deep desire to get to your level of success, which cannot be achieved yet.

    However, these feelings should not make you or your husband lose your confidence or be ashamed of your achievements. An issue of envy is one that your brother-in-law needs to confront by seeking help from family or experts.

    What to Expect from a Brother-in-Law Who Is Jealous of Your Husband

    Jealous people are easily irritable and get angry quickly when given advice. Because your brother-in-law is envious and jealous of your husband, your advice can be met with resistance even if you intended it for good. 

    If you address flaws in your brother-in-law’s life, your husband’s brother will think that you are showing off, which can trigger more envy. A jealous person will always want to be better than you and get angry if you show that you are better.  An envious and jealous brother-in-law will get defensive quickly in an attempt to show dominance.

    How to Deal with a Brother-in-Law Who Is Jealous of Your Husband

    It helps maintain a leveled relationship when you minimize your interactions with an envious relative. It will do you good if you restrict your communication to matters that will not trigger resentfulness.

    A jealous brother-in-law can ruin your plans; it is safe to keep your husband’s current dealings, goals, and career to yourselves. Envious people will rarely celebrate your success, so do not expect your brother-in-law to help you become successful.  A jealous person will only point out the negative aspects of your plans and offer you no solutions.  You can be sure that your husband’s brother will find fault in your plans and even attempt to rubbish your good ideas.

    However, it is good to invite your husband’s brother to family celebrations like birthdays, religious holidays, and anniversaries. 

    What Not to Do with a Brother-in-Law Who Is Jealous of Your Husband

    A jealous brother-in-law is not your ideal business partner. Envious people will work hard to bring your vision down. A jealous person will look for an opportunity to cause drama in your life and fuel the flame of envy.

    Sibling rivalry in adulthood happens in about 1 out of 3 brothers or sisters. It is wise not to engage in business dealings with a jealous brother-in-law.  Money matters are known to damage many relationships. 

    Avoid confrontation with a brother-in-law who is envious of your husband as doing so can cause unnecessary drama. It’s wise to remain calm and loving and desist from discussing jealousy issues between your husband and your brother-in-law.

    When to Worry About a Brother-in-Law Who Is Envious

    Sometimes your brother-in-law’s jealousy stunts can make you feel sad, angry, or irritated. To overcome these feelings, you need to remember that you are not the cause of your brother-in-law’s jealous reactions. You, therefore, need not let the negative emotions overwhelm you.

    However, if your brother-in-law becomes extremely jealous, it may be a sign of a more serious problem. Pathological jealousy can indicate signs of mental health issues like anxiety, extreme anger, and schizophrenia.  You need to seek help for your husband’s brother if you notice a decreased level of happiness and an increased level of negative emotions.


    Though sibling rivalry and jealousy are more common in younger children, about 1 out of 3 gets into adulthood. Jealous people feel insecure and only experience happiness by bringing your efforts or plans down. To avoid this kind of discouragement, it is best to keep your plans private and only surprise your green-eyed brother-in-law with your successful results. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy your husband’s brother’s company without sharing the important things in your life. 

    However, uncontrollable jealousy can be an indication of an underlying issue that needs looking into. If you allow your brother-in-law’s jealous stunts to get to you, it can cause a rift in family relationships and leave you feeling sad or angry.

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