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My Brother-in-Law Is Jealous of Me

    Jealous people are among the people that you need to learn how to cope with in your society. More often than not, you expect that people who are jealous of you are those who you are not so much close to. However, do not get surprised when you realize that one of the people who are jealous of you are your close relatives, such as your brother-in-law. One of the primary reasons why your brother-in-law gets jealous of you is because you have achieved what they hoped to achieve before you. Living with such a relative around is tricky. For this reason, you need to learn how to live with them and escape possible harms they are likely to do to you. Look below for signs that he is jealous of you and what you can do about it.

    What Are the Signs That Your Brother-in-Law Is Jealous of You?

    Ideally, spotting jealousy may seem like a walk in the park. However, some people use sensitive words and actions that it is hard to detect that they envy you. Nevertheless, some surefire signs show that your brother-in-law is jealous of you. For instance, you can notice that he criticizes you either directly or indirectly. On the other hand, he will not congratulate you or notice something good that you have done even when everybody else does. This person does everything possible to anger and gets angry when you do them good. When you recognize such signs with your brother-in-law, watch out before it grows out of control.

    Why Is Your Brother-in-Law Jealous?

    As mentioned above, your brother-in-law gets jealous of you if you have what they do not have. However, there are other innumerable reasons why he is jealous of you, most of which are hard to determine. For instance, envy could result from unresolved issues that they had with you or your spouse. The best way to figure this out is to have an open conversation with them. When you know the reason for their jealousy, you can deal with the situation more effectively.

    Dealing with the Jealous Brother-in-Law

    If dealing with a jealous brother-in-law, know that you are among many other people dealing with jealous relatives. Jealous in-laws are a common issue in most families. To Cope with them, you need to determine the reason for his jealousy and know how to connect without violence. Some of these ways of dealing with your jealous brother-in-law are such as:


    Communication is the surest way to end envious feelings. When you communicate with your brother-in-law, you understand why they are jealous of you. Maybe you have hurt them in the past, and this is their way of communicating their anger. Suppose it is hard for you to talk to them, look for an intermediary who should be somebody close to both of you. It is best if you talk to the person who makes him your in-law, either your spouse or spouse. When you communicate, strive to ensure that you end up in a win-win situation. Additionally, although you may be mad at them, calm down when approaching them to make the communication effective.

    Avoid Trying to Make Them Happy

    If you get uncomfortable when your brother-in-law is mad at you, you may do your best to make them love you. However, the effort that you put in is more often than not in vain. Do not force them to love you, especially if you are not sure why they envy you. Instead, talk to them and figure out the way forward together.

    Watch Out What You Talk to Them About

    A person who is jealous of you is toxic. For this reason, they will try to take advantage of every situation available to see you unhappy. Therefore, if you have a jealous brother-in-law, watch what you share with them. Ensure that they know little about you and your personal life. When talking to them, make your conversations about natural things and those they cannot use against you.


    Although blood is thicker than water, it does not keep jealousy away in a family. As a result, you will have somebody close to you, such as your brother-in-law, jealous of you. This is the person who will strive to ensure that you are unhappy. Learn how to live with such a toxic person and even make peace between the two of you.  

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