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My Brother-in-Law Is a Know-It-All

    There are calibers of people who always feel that they know everything and that whatever they say and do is right. Such individuals tend to talk too much and throughout whenever there is a conversation. They think that they are experts even in topics they know nothing about.

    Some of these people are close members of the family, such as brothers-in-law. But why do we have such people? And how do you handle them? For more information regarding this topic, read the article to the end.

    Is It a Behavior or a Psycho-Social Problem?

    Sometimes the know-it-all trait is more of a disorder than a behavior. Psychologists who have helped individuals with this kind of problem found out that it is a symptom of a mental disorder like attention deficit and hyperactivity for most people.

    Why Do We Have Know-It-All People?

    People with know-it-all behavior are usually selfish and narcissistic. Such individuals exhibit this kind of trait when they are under tension. They do this, especially when they feel inferior for specific reasons. But because they don’t want people to perceive them as failures, they will start acting like they know everything.

    Some people may also develop this kind of domineering behavior because they were in a situation where they were wrong, and others were right, which made them feel bad. So, since they don’t want a repeat of this, they put on an act to prove to everyone that there is nothing they don’t know.

    Characteristics of a Know-It-All Person

    The know-it-all people have an irritating habit of acting like experts in every subject under discussion even when the evidence says otherwise. They portray this self-ascribed personality in different ways. For instance, they may dominate a conversation or offer unwanted advice. 

    They also tend to argue too much in meetings and boss their co-workers and family members around. Such people are also descending and may engage in pointless debates just to prove something that doesn’t even matter or exist.

    What Are the Social Implications?

    Psychologists have expressed some concern about this type of behavior. They say that a person with this kind of trait tends to belittle his friends and family members. Because of this, maintaining a healthy relationship with such a person becomes difficult. So, what most people do is to avoid him. In other words, know-it-all behavior kills relationships.

    When this domineering personality reaches a point where families don’t see eye to eye, it may also affect the children’s relationship. Imagine when you stop going to this person’s house despite being a close member of the family. It portrays a wrong picture to the children from both families. Since their parents are not close, the children’s relationship also diminishes. 

    How to Deal with a Know-It-All Person

    Getting along with a know-it-all person is not easy. Such individuals feel like they are in a verbal war whereby only what they say is what counts. The opinion of others doesn’t matter because people must always agree with what they say. Any disagreement damages the relationship between you and him.

    So, if you have such an individual, how do you deal with him? The best way of dealing with a know-it-all person is to avoid engaging in his conversations. Also, do not chat with such a person unless he speaks to you. And if he happens to address you directly, nod instead of responding verbally. If he asks you a question, don’t answer.  Tell him to refer it to another person. Silence is one best way of shutting such a person up.

    Also, since you cannot return the affection, avoid being in the same function with him. By doing this, you will evade upsetting him with your genuine and honest comments that go against his. Such an individual, especially if he is a family member, will not disappear from your life any time soon. But you can try your best to avoid him whenever you can. Please don’t allow him to get to you.

    What Is the Best Intervention?

    As discussed earlier in this article, know-it-all people have an inferiority complex, making them feel like they don’t match up to a task. They tend to doubt their capabilities, and so, they create a fake personality of know-it-all. What such people need are therapy sessions to help them deal with their inferiority so that they start believing in themselves. Working out this with a psychologist will help such individuals to overcome this behavior.


    Know-it-all people can be irritating, and they can make you run out of patience. Note that you are bound to come across such people, be it in your family circles or workplace. That is why it is vital to learn to control your anger when around them. The information and tips in this article should help you to learn how to deal with know-it-all individuals.

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