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My Baby’s Snot Smells

    The color and smell of your baby’s snot can tell you if they have a common cold or there is something serious needing emergency action. A significant worry is if your baby starts to emit the smelly mucus, which is sometimes accompanied by equally foul breath. At this juncture, you also need to pay close attention to the exact color of the snot. Is it a clear yellow, or yellow heading towards green? The latter, accompanied by the foul odor, is sometimes an indication of either a viral or bacterial infection. Only your pediatrician can ascertain the type of disease, and so it requires your child to undergo the necessary checkups.

    Nose Blockage Can Cause a Foul-Smelling Snot

    Although adenoids and small pathways in your baby’s nose can be reason enough for a blocked nose, there are a few extra things you should always check once you have a snot smelling baby on your hands. This includes a foreign body along the nasal pathways. You should rule out a tiny plastic object or even food stuck in the nose. For first aid, you can use special snot suckers to pull out any of the foreign stuff that could be blocking the nasal system or remove any snot buildup that is making it difficult for your baby to pass fresh and clear mucus. Other methods to relieve your baby’s congestion is to use saline drops or spray, which you can easily purchase over the counter.

    Other Conditions Causing Nasal Blockage

    Besides the usual culprits such as pieces of plastic or food, an allergic reaction can blockage the nasal pathways of your baby. Some of the ways the baby reacts to allergens are by overproduction of snot and swelling of the airways, leading to obstruction. The result is a type of snot drainage that is both clear, thin, and often smelly. You can quickly tell your baby has been exposed to an allergen if the problem features watery eyes, rashes, and itchy skin.

    Check for Sinusitis Infection

    Various issues can affect your baby’s sinuses. Sometimes it is inflammation and swelling, and other times it could be a severe infection. If the conditions are chronic, your baby sinuses can have a buildup of pus. A pediatrician can also confirm if it is a bacterial infection, a perfect environment for smelly snot. Again, a specialist checks for various symptoms to know if they are dealing with a sinusitis case.  The most common sign that accompanies this type of infection is facial pain. It is difficult to perform an x-ray or MRI because of the inflammation, so the doctor generally works with the patient’s visible signs.

    When to Dash to the Emergency Room

    Foul-smelling snot can be severe, needing you to rush your little one to ER. Some of the reasons and symptoms to see a doctor immediately are if your baby is exceptionally young, say below three months old. If they have had a consistently high temperature for over three days, you need to immediately see a pediatrician. Check also if the smelly green snot has been on for more than two weeks. Other symptoms are lack of appetite, persistent cough, and unusual eye color. Through instinct you’ll sense when your child is not their usual self and when to seek a medical emergency.

    How to Prevent Snot Smell in Your Baby?

    The best preventive strategy for bad snot smell in your baby is to treat any congestion symptoms immediately. Warning signs such as discoloration, thick mucus, and a loss of appetite are just a few of the characters that can make your baby sick and needing medical care. Meanwhile, avoid exposing your baby to risk factors such as pieces of plastic without supervision. Irritants, including cigarette smoke, strong perfume, and dust, can cause sinusitis in your baby.

    Various environmental and even genetic predispositions can cause nasal blockages, leading to foul-smelling snot. The good news is that you can prevent and sometimes treat the problem from the comfort of your home. However, if the symptoms prove otherwise, always have an emergency response on the fast dial, the situation can be more severe than you think.

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