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My Baby’s Pupil Is Not Round

When you give birth, all you want is to see your baby’s body healthy and super beautiful. So, when you notice that your baby’s pupil is not round, you will probably freak out. You can’t help but wonder if this is happening only to your baby or to other babies too.

If you have already noticed this in your baby, you are probably wondering if this is normal, or it is an eye problem that requires medical attention. Well, to learn more about pupils’ shapes in babies, take time to read through this article to the end. It has the information you need to help you understand this eye condition in babies.

Is It an Eye Problem?

The work of pupils is to control the amount of light that enters the eyes. Typically, your baby’s pupils should be equal and round. If they are not, it may signify an underlying health condition that’s affecting your baby’s nerves, brain, or blood vessels.

So, yes, if your baby’s pupils are not round, it means that there is a problem that requires proper medical care. Visiting a doctor is highly recommended so that medical examination and treatment can commence as soon as possible.

Why Are Pupils the Not Round?

Irregular shape in eye pupils can happen in both pupils or one. Many things are likely to cause this eye condition. Your baby could not be having round pupils because of the following:  

Concussion: The most common cause of this condition is a brain injury. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that occurs after an impact on the head. The injury causes the brain to shake, hence affecting the part that controls vision. So, one of the symptoms of brain injury is a concussion. A baby with this condition may not have round pupils.

Iritis condition can also make your baby’s pupil not look round. It causes swelling and irritation in the areas around the pupil. If you don’t treat the problem early enough, it usually leaves scar tissue, which alters the pupil’s round shape.

Eye injury can also deform the shape of a pupil. If your baby hurts the eye and the muscles that control the pupil’s shape and size is affected, it alters the pupil’s normal appearance.

Long Term Implication

Eye problems, including the pupil not being round, can have a long-term implication on the baby. For instance, a child may lose self-confidence once he or she is older. 

Also, it can cause poor development of normal vision in a child and through adult life. That is why it is crucial to detect any eye problems early enough and manage any abnormality before it develops into long-term eye problems.

Preventive Measures

Eye problems, including the pupils’ shape, are usually congenital, meaning that it can be present at birth. The baby can also acquire it after birth. That is why early eye detection and immediate treatment is crucial.

The best way of preventing lifelong visual impairment is to ensure that you take your baby for an eye examination as often as possible. So, if you notice that your baby’s pupils are not round, you should seek the opinion of an ophthalmologist immediately to establish the cause and start the treatment.

Diagnosis and Treatment

When you visit an eye specialist, they will do a general eye examination to determine if there is a possibility of an underlying neurological condition that is causing the pupils not to be around. 

The specialist will conduct a pupillary observation by closely examining the eye’s size and shape to see if the pupils are working properly. A CT scan and an X-ray may also be necessary to examine other possible causes, such as brain tumors.

Treatment of this eye condition may vary depending on the underlying cause. So, only after diagnosis and examination can the doctor identify the kind of treatment your baby will require. In case the doctor detects a brain tumor, chemotherapy may follow, among other treatments.


The irregular shape of pupils, among other eye problems, has severe long-term complications in children. So, this is not something that parents should ignore. It is advisable to see an eye specialist as soon as the problem presents itself. Early diagnosis and medication will prevent the problem from developing into serious complications.

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