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Baby’s Neck Smells Like Fish? When to Worry

    Children go through a lot as they grow up into adulthood. The world that they come into has a lot in store for them and their parents. It’s a time when parents learn more through experience. For instance, have you been bothered by that fish-like smell that comes from your child’s neck? 

    The odor may sorely irritate you. One’s desire is to get rid of it. The scent is mostly felt during the day, and when the child has just had a bath. It seems like there’s nothing you can do to drive the awful smell away.

    This smell comes from the neck and behind the ears, anywhere that is not exposed to air or sunlight. It is essential to give the child a thorough bath to wash away that unpleasant smell.

    In this article, we focus on the cause of the odor and how you can prevent and get rid of it completely.

    Why your baby’s neck smells like fish:

    The fish-like smell can result from the accumulated sweat and crumbs from food. Simultaneously, spit, the milk that flows through their mouth when breastfeeding, can also be contributing factors. 

    The child’s neck is often moist and dump, and this is the perfect recipe for a fish-like smell. Your child may develop rashes on their skin and even become infected if not given attention. 

    If the baby is still in its early years, it becomes tough to clean the neck fold efficiently. It is hard to clean their neck since they do not have control over their movement. But as the child grows and the neck muscles develop, you can do this much better.

    How to clean your baby’s neck to get rid of the fish smell:

    With proper cloth to access after a meal and breastfeeding, you can wipe the neck region. This is done to clean the accumulated foreign particles off the rugged neck region, especially the neck folds.

    During your child’s bathing time, you can use a clean thin face cloth while running your soapy fingers through those folds. Remember to rinse the soap that has been used so that no remaining particles are left.

    Ensure to be gentle when rubbing the child’s delicate neck so that you prevent any danger or harm.

    How to clean a grown child’s neck:

    When your child has grown much so that they can control their neck, you can let her sit on her bathing chair. The child should sit while looking in the same direction as yours. As you clean them, talk to them so that you have their attention. 

    For the child to speak or look at you, they will lean backward and raise their chin. As a result, they can give you a better way to ensure you clean the neck’s folding efficiently. Remember to wipe the neck folding well so that they are not damp.

    Use of Wet Wipes

    When out with your child, it is advisable to help clear the accumulated dirt using wet wipes. It is much better than using a dry cloth. However, use a clean damp-wipe free from the scent that may irritate your child’s skin.

    The neck of the child is much more delicate since it is not exposed to the sun.

    Medical Treatments

    If the condition worsens, you should visit a pediatrician. The doctor will help the baby find aid if it is a yeast infection or a bacterial infection.

    Your pediatrician may recommend dietary restrictions, acid lotions, and soaps. A doctor may always recommend a prescription cream that is also of great help. The use of natural remedies such as activated charcoal is also powerful when dealing with this fish-like smell.

    General Hygiene

    It is important to note that, with these conditions, a child’s overall hygiene is vital. The young one has low immunity, and therefore any disease or infection is likely to attack him. As a parent, it is indispensable to ensure that your child takes a bath regularly. 

    Moreover, ensure that your child’s neck is dried, preventing dampness, a significant culprit in yeast infections. Baths are to be taken two to three times a day.

    After a bath and drying of the baby’s skin, you may use Vaseline or coconut oil to help soothe the skin and treat any irritation symptoms.

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