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My Baby’s Mom Hates Me!

Raising a baby together doesn’t always follow the path we hope it will. While many parents are in love when they choose to have a child, these feelings may change later on.

If you’re experiencing conflict in your relationship, it’s important to address both partners’ feelings. While many parents truly love their children, their feelings for each other may not be the same.

Eventually, unresolved emotions like anger and sadness can transform into hate.

Does my baby’s mother hate me?

Hate is a strong word that many parents use to describe how they feel about each other. Whether you’re currently in a relationship, divorced or broken up, feelings of hatred are hard to overcome.

If you can never seem to agree with your baby’s mother, and she intentionally makes your life difficult, she may hate you. Likewise, this also may be true if she ignores you and wants nothing to do with you.

Understanding why these feelings exist is an important step in making things right.

Why doesn’t my baby’s mother like me?

Relationships between parents don’t always work out. If your baby’s mother hates you, chances are she’s angry.

Whether she’s mad about the state of your relationship or your efforts as a dad, discussing these feelings with her is important. While you may simply pass off this hatred as jealousy, there might be something deeper behind these emotions.

Work to reconcile these feelings with your baby’s mother. Have an honest conversation to learn more about why she feels the way she does. Though this may not change her emotions, open communication will help you understand what next steps to take.

Can I fix the relationship with my baby’s mom?

If your baby’s mother hates you, there may still be a chance to reconcile. After attempting to communicate, consider whether or not she wants to fix things.

If your baby’s mother is open to it, try counseling. With couples’ therapy, you’ll be able to work through feelings of hatred. Though it isn’t easy, you may eventually find the feelings of hatred start to soften.

How do I co-parent when my ex hates me?

If there is no changing your baby’s mother’s mind, it’s up to you to find a way to co-parent as healthily as possible. While having your former partner hate you is difficult, you mustn’t let this affect your child.

In addition to ending the relationship and taking the necessary space, be sure to establish boundaries. Focus on how to communicate with them going forward.

Many separated parents use custody calendars to minimize conflict with each other. Likewise, tracking everything from expenses to your daily schedule will help you prevent conflicts.

Separating your relationship with your ex

Don’t let your ex’s emotions affect how you raise your baby. Make sure your child has a positive relationship with their mother.

Make an effort to avoid talking badly about your child’s mom to them. Likewise, make sure your child spends a healthy amount of time with their mom as well.

If your child’s mom hates you, you may need to use a third party. Avoid meeting your ex when it’s time to pick them up or drop them off. Have a meeting place or friend’s house as a drop-off location to keep your meetups to a minimum.

Focus on staying positive

Being hated by someone else can harm you. Whether you’re able to work out your issues or not, it’s a good idea to seek support. Consider therapy for yourself to make sure you’re not letting these negative emotions affect you.

While it may take time, you and your baby’s mother can move on from these feelings. Make sure your child gets all the love they deserve while you work to be the best parent you can.

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