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My Baby’s Fingertips Are Brown

    Most people consider skin color to be an essential social as well as cultural characteristic. It explains why a majority of parents will freak out when their babies’ skin color deviates from the normal pigmentation. Skin discoloration in babies can occur in different parts of the body, such as eyes, ears, hands, legs, and fingertips. 

    One of the discoloration conditions in babies that worry most parents is when their babies’ fingertips appear brown instead of the usual pink color. It is a condition that leaves most parents concerned, and most of them remain with so many unanswered questions.

    If you are here because you are looking for information about this condition, then you should read this article to the end. Here, you will get detailed information to help you understand this condition in babies.

    Why Are Fingertips Brown?

    Different versions explain why babies’ fingertips appear brown.  According to specialists, babies’ skin color could be the reason why their fingernails are brown. Babies with dark skin have pigmented streaks on their nails, caused by pigment overflow from the nails’ fold. This natural pigment from the skin could be the cause of brown discoloration on your baby’s fingertips.

    Another version of fingertips turning brown is also associated with vitamin B deficiency. So, if your baby has this condition, that could be the reason, and seeking a specialist’s advice will be the best thing to do.

    Another explanation is that this condition is common in babies of color. Such babies take time to attain their actual skin color.  Research reveals that the color such babies will acquire is usually the one present at their fingertips. So, if your baby’s fingertips are brown, it may represent your baby’s future skin color.

    Is It Normal or a Health Concern?

    Babies are born with different skin complexions. However, as they get older, they change their skins. Skin discoloration is common among newborns and may occur in various parts of the baby’s body, including fingertips. However, the more the vessels dilate, the more the discoloration fades away. 

    According to specialists, the condition occurs because of the baby’s circulatory system, as they try to adapt to the new environment’s demands. So, if your baby’s fingertips are turning brown, there should be no cause for alarm because it is a temporary condition.

    Do All Babies Have This Condition?

    Myriad genes are what controls constitutive pigmentation among all babies. However, the variation of this pigmentation is more visible among children born of parents from different races. It is more common among Asian and black communities. 

    Any baby can experience fingertip discoloration, but the condition is more present in children of color. Some babies will have a purple color on their fingertips instead of brown. It could also be a common and temporary condition or an underlying medical condition. 

    Generally, fingertips discoloration, whether brown or purple, varies from one baby to another depending on the underlying cause.

    Diagnosis and Treatment

    According to experts, this is a temporary condition that goes away with time, meaning that it does not require specialized medical care. However, since this condition is associated with vitamin B12 deficiency, it will be necessary to seek a doctor’s help. 

    A specialist will diagnose the baby to determine if the child is suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency. If it is the cause, the doctor will recommend the administration of vitamin supplements for your baby.

    Important Consideration

    Though fingertips discoloration is considered normal among newborns, it could also signify an underlying health condition, as discussed above. So, this should not be something to ignore.

    If you notice that there are no changes with your baby’s fingertips, you should consider visiting a doctor. A pediatrician will carry out tests to rule out the possibility of Vitamin B12 deficiency. 


    Newborns undergo many changes, and as a parent, this may become a concern.  Sometimes, it may leave you confused because you don’t know whether the condition is normal or something that needs medical attention. 

    Brown fingertips are a normal condition in babies, but this does not mean that you should rule out the possibility of a medical problem. With the above information, you should be able to make an informed decision regarding your baby’s condition.

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